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  1. After last nights game, I wonder if this is the brand Bettman had in mind? I do not care for Bettman but contrary to popular belief, the man is no dummy. I would find hard to believe he wants the new face of the NHL running around taking cheap shots. Is that style of hockey entertaining. Hmmm? Could Sean Avery could be the face of the NHL? He is certainly entertaining! Maybe to all of the WWE fans who do not understand the game. I guess for me that is were disillusionment comes from. I just now question Bettman's choice. Should just one player be the lone face of the NHL?
  2. Maybe not a wings fan in denial but it is possible that I am fan of the game who is in denial. I just want to see all the brands that are offered. Not just one. I have been a fan of the game for so long now that it hard for me to think from the perspective of the casual fan. The fact that Crosby can draw new fans to the game is not lost to me.
  3. Seriously? Crosby is better than Ovechkin or say? A healthy Marion Gaborik. While I think that Crosby is a great Hockey player, his Media Hype seems to be greater. What ever happened to accomplishments? Even the greats like Wayne and Stevie Y had to prove themselves.
  4. MVP - Ozzie or Hank

  5. Thoughts from the Penguin's Nest

    The answer to your question is yes! The only thing I saw that that Penguins excelled at last night was over confidence. Datsyuk showed everybody on National TV why he is arguably the best player in the NHL. He is the NHL's benchmark for what complete two way player should be. On an off note: Dats and Malkin and Ovechkin on a line together would be something to see.
  6. You stay classy Pittsburgh!

    Hubcap? I would hate to see what was meant by whatever else.
  7. Hockey is Hockey, Dumb is Dumb

    This was posted on one of the Chicago Forums. It speaks for itself.
  8. Hockey is Hockey, Dumb is Dumb

    Bench them all! I like that thought. Yep, when you look at from the angle of them being kids. Hmmm, It seems he that he lost control of the playpen . Damn psycho-baby's
  9. Hockey is Hockey, Dumb is Dumb

    I am not disagreeing with what you are saying but don,t you think that Q's experience as coach should help them out in rough times. It seemed that his emotions were out of control which passed right through to the team. I expect a young team to have few meltdowns, but an experienced, playoff tested NHL coach? No way. It was like he was reading Coaching for Dummies, the uncensored version written by Mark Crawford.
  10. Quenneville Fined $10,000

    I thought Q and Babcock were friends? If so, does Q pay any attention to what his friend does and does not do?
  11. Hockey is Hockey, Dumb is Dumb

    Before game 4, I was impressed with Chicago. Liked what they had to offer as a team. After what I witnessed in game 4, I am just disappointed. After challenging Detroit to two overtimes, I thought they were for real. Q knows the wings franchise well. It is hard to believe a coach in NHL with his experience would back that kind of play as a game plan. Especially against a team that just beat the Ducks. See my point? He must have nightmares about the Winged Wheel running him over repeatedly.
  12. Hockey is Hockey, Dumb is Dumb

    Joe Q seems to think so. Chicago fans are using the refs as an excuse to ignore what really happened. Inexperience and emotion were the real problem!
  13. Hockey is Hockey, Dumb is Dumb

    Ahh! I got it. Smartass! I wont post again?
  14. Hockey is Hockey, Dumb is Dumb

    I understand his dislike for the officiating. What I found amusing was the way he chose to solve the problem. I find it hard to believe that he is serious. At least I hope not.
  15. Hockey is Hockey, Dumb is Dumb

    I just thought the post was a goofy read. Sorry it bothered you.
  16. Your thoughts on Alex Ovechkin....

    Your pretty funny! Yes you did waste your time. Please do not do it again! PS. That is funny thought you gave me! Crosby sitting in the cup trying to run somebody over. I think the the only thing that will happen is that Kronwall hit him and he will fall out of the cup!!!!
  17. Your thoughts on Alex Ovechkin....

    The most entertaining player to come along in a while. He always looks like he having the time of his life out on the Ice.
  18. Huet or Khabibulin?

    I thought Huet was better in the third but still looked shaken a bit. I dont thing he was ready to play behind a Chicago team that was having a meltdown. Bad time to be thinking about revenge. Chicago should have been more concerned about helping out Huet.
  19. Huet or Khabibulin?

    Cristobal Huet looked more like Baby Huet today. You could see the difference between playoff experience and little experience between the pipes. I heard Chicago is paying 12 million a year for goal tending? Huh?
  20. How do you spot an elite goaltender

    I have been at a loss for words and in complete amazement after reading several posts over who is and who is not an elite goal tender in these playoffs, or the regular season, or all of Hockey history. Seriously, I think the things that qualify an elite goal tender go far beyond numbers and stat sheets. Not unlike the Quarterback of a great football team, his job involves a little more than just stopping a puck. Elite goal tenders are the guys who: (Not in any particular order) 1. Win the big games when the season is on the line. 2. Have taken part in games that have created hockey history. 3. Have longevity and staying power in the league 4. Provide confidence for there team, do not get rattled, and play through adversity. 5. Created hockey history themselves. 6. Have there own style and identity. 7. Entertain night after night with big saves and sometimes huge blunders. 8. And most importantly, play in the big show. Ill bet most people including die hard hockey fans cant quote Grant Fuhr’s save percentages but they all remember the fact that he owns Five Stanley Cup rings! Combine these intangibles with the stats to back them up and you have an elite goaltender. While I certainly respect Goaltenders like Roy and all his numbers that he posted, it is the Hockey moments and history that he created that help elevate him to elite status. The memories he created are much more impressive than his stats. I do not have to say much more than a simple word "Montreal". It would be very boring if all that was needed to too get added to the Hall Of Fame roster was some numbers on a stat sheet. Numbers do not create fame, Winning Big games and creating memorable moments do. Which leads me into what I really want to say in the first place, how in the hell can Osgood not be considered one of the elite goalies in the league? He has earned the right to mentioned in the same sentence with the best, he has the wins to back it up, and he has been a part of many memorable hockey moments. Least of all, leading the dismal, lowly Islanders into the playoffs. That could be considered a miracle in itself. I am just curious as to what other immeasurable contributions goalie's make to the game that elevate them above their peers? Your Thoughts?
  21. How do you spot an elite goaltender

    "He will be remembered as a major part of the success, not as a burden." Great point! He is part of the success. An important part. This fact is overlooked by many. He is one part of a team that keeps winning. It is amazes me that some think they win in spite of his abilities. He has proven he can elevate his part when needed. Again, most goalies can not do this. That is part of what makes average goalies average and elevates the rest to elite.
  22. How do you spot an elite goaltender

    Pittsburg 7, Carolina 4 So much for elite goaltending!
  23. How do you spot an elite goaltender

    Thanks, grammar is one of my weaknesses. My wife says the same thing. Any how! Thanks for the correction! You are right. I forgot the Wings put him on waivers. It just makes Osgood's story more interesting. He did. He also proved he could play on a team that was less talented.
  24. How do you spot an elite goaltender

    Hasek carried Buffalo on his back. In my opinion, qualifies as elite? Possibly
  25. How do you spot an elite goaltender

    Amazing is the fact that he came back to a team that traded him away. Sat on the bench behind Hasek. (Note: Haseks my favorite goal tender) Came in to the playoffs in 2008 ready to go after knowing he was not the man to start and just dominated. Even the Dominator had to be impressed. The numbers do back that statement up. That shows mental toughness a lot of flash in the pan goaltenders do not have.