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  1. stop being homers, that was a good icing call. bert should of never even risked it.
  2. all cause of bertuzzi icing the puck. so dumb of him
  3. dats to hudler!
  4. lidstrom!
  5. just like last year, refs decide the game instead of the players
  6. nothing at all but take someone with actual skill's paycheck
  7. wow, thats a great deal for us.
  8. colorado is killing their team lol.. cant believe stewart AND shattenkirk for johnson
  9. i thought gillies would get more as well, but otherwise i agree with it
  10. wheres all of the above
  11. out of all the stuff that happened and you think godard(not gonchar lol) protecting his goaltender was gutless? you cant let your goalies fight goons even if they want to..
  12. what gillies did was just horrible, does a headshot on a random penguin who is then out on his feet and gillies drops the gloves and starts punching him..
  13. why do these 2 teams hate each other so much? i like it but damn i didnt see it coming