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  1. Just PM'd you! This is a sweet idea
  2. Ha ok. I actually was thinking the same thing about the photoshop wars, the Helm picture reminds me of the Helm-morphing-into-The Flash picture!
  3. Au contraire... I am simply sharing some interesting pictures my friend took of our Wings that I thought people on here might like!
  4. I posted this in Creative and Media Works subforum, but I thought it might get a little more action if I posted it in here. Mods, sorry if that's a no-no, feel free to do what you need to do with this. My friend is a photography student in Lansing, and also a HUGE Red Wings fan. His blog has a great picture of Helm up right now from the Blue Jackets game last week. I really think it captures the essence of Helm. He's also got a pretty amusing picture of Lilja and a great one of Hank from the '08 Cup parade. I think everyone here will enjoy!
  5. I had MSU hockey tickets my freshman year at State, which was Abdelkader's last year. SO awesome to cheer him on at State and now cheer him on as a Wing! He's definitely going to be a fan fav, if he isn't already! GO JUSTIN! I'm lovin' all these new guys!
  6. It's in the clip called "Crossing the Floor"
  7. Going to Game 1 with my dad My first ever SCF game!
  8. Ericsson is the man! I had an appendectomy 2 years ago and I would not have been okay to play hockey this soon after! Wow!
  9. Me too pretty pleeeeeeeeease???