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  1. hockeystreams.com - Feedback, worth it? Etc.

    I used hockeystreams last year for the last half of the season. I bought it primarily for watching at work, but also because it can't get NBC. In my opinion, it is a poor substitute for a big screen in stunning High Definition, but it gets the job done. The streams were pretty reliable, although there were some techinical issues at times. I'll buy it again, but it is a secondary source for me.
  2. Teppo Numminen retires

    He refused a trade to the Wings at the trade dealine a few years ago,so he can diaf.
  3. Just bought my Hall of Fame induction tickets! I was on the wait list and got one of the first calls. Anyone else making the trip?
  4. Wings won't bring Conklin back

    The logical choices for Conks are either Phily or Bruins. These are the teams that are going to need a solid goaltender for their Winter Classic game.
  5. Going to Pittsburgh tm, any suggestions?

    I went to game 4 last year. I was walking by myslef from the hotel-Hampton inn, nice place, and two Pens fans started chatting me up, made sure that I knew the way to the Igloo and were great. On the way into the rink the crowd that was set up to watch the game on the big screen outside were roundly booing the Wings fans going into the rink. I'd expect nothing less. I sat in a section that were almost all season ticket holders and I was the only Wings fan in the section. They were suitably abusive, but good natured. After the game I was a little disoriented coming out of the rink and asked a cop how to get back to the hotel, and a city fireman offered said he was heading that way and gave me a ride. All in All- a great experience. I had a blast, the Pens fans ribbed me the whole time and I had a blast.
  6. Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 PICS

    Ernesto-Just Warmups. Conks didn'y play. Nice Pictures, Thanks tdinc!!
  7. Anyone really Buy this Stuff?

    I had a look at the nhl shop's offerrings. $30 for a Conference Championship hat? $50 Gym Bag? "Conference Championship"? Does anyone buy this stuff anymore? I understand if you are a Pens fan and want to pretend you won something but $30 for a hat is a bit crazy.