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  1. NBA Sucks

    NBA is cool. Until the last 30 seconds and the 400 commercials that come with it.
  2. 2009 College Football Thread

    6 wins and an invitation to a 3rd rate bowl will keep him around for another year.
  3. College Football Suckerpunch

    He's done for the year. Good decision. What an idiot.
  4. Which of the following UFC/MMA "dream fights" would you like

    Two of those will never happen. Lyoto vs Anderson because they have already stated they are like brothers and will not fight each other. They both have the same manager, and he says they will not do it for less than $100 million. Dana will not give up that kind of money for 1 fight. And Brock vs Fedor, because Fedor does not like signing long-term contracts, which is the only kind of contracts Dana likes to sign. Personally though I would love to see Emilienenko vs Lesnar so Fedor can armbar him in about 2 minutes and kill the Brock hype.
  5. 2009 College Football Thread

    Pretty much agreed. They need to rename it to the Bull Crap System.
  6. beers!

    I stay away from the American stuff. It's either gonna be Heineken light or Newcastle.
  7. dog killer.... i mean vick signs with eagles

    Big deal. I don't see how anyone would want this guy in the first place. He was "alright" in his prime, but NFL defenses have figured out how to stop running QBs. That was the only thing he was good at. I'm sure he's in tip-top shape since there's nothing else to do in jail, but I don't give a crap how long you're in there for, you can't learn how to throw a football properly in jail, which he was never good at to begin with. I wonder how Donovan feels about this whole thing.
  8. Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

    Really disappointing fight. So embarrassing to Forrest he had to run out of the arena. I like Forrest and everything but that was a sad fight. I wanted my 50 bucks back.
  9. Pistons fire Michael Curry!

    Same here. He looked like a genius when he got the band of rejects together and won an NBA title and almost repeated, but he hasn't done much since.
  10. 2009 College Football Thread

    I never need to see Sheridan play football ever again. Ever. I literally would have rather seen a lineman or a punter in at QB instead of Sheridan. Hopefully he sits for the rest of his stay at Michigan.
  11. Future of The Joe uncertain...

    I need to get up there for a game too. I'm sick of going to the... "pond" lmao
  12. NHL Awards Discussion Thread

    "Here's Roberto Luongo" *Booooooooo!* Roberto: Thanks... lol
  13. NHL Awards Discussion Thread

    "I'm sorry let me read that again."
  14. Still Champions

    Personally to me, it was a failure. Anything less than a championship is a failure because you accomplished the same thing 30 other teams did. It was an exciting season and fun to watch, but a failure nonetheless.