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  1. Fedorov to join KHL

    excellent post. his all-around game is what made him great and earned us those cups in 97 and 98. i don't think he earns to have his number up in the rafters, but his impact was great in detroit. and you have to remember...he has a great mug shot.
  2. i was thinking of similar, but slightly different. Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Cleary this line should play very well together. Z and 13 are great defensively and Cleary is such a smart player that he will find the open ice playing with 2 playmakers. Holstrom-Filppula-Hossa this line played great together yesterday with Holstrom camped out in front, Filps setting up Hossa with his great speed and passing and, if Hossa plays like he did yesterday, these guys should be a threat to score every shift. Hudler-Franzen-Samuelsson This line definitely wouldn't be put out against scoring lines, but their offense would be tough to stop. Franzen has played plenty of center previously and would be a handful with Sammy and Hudler. Maltby-Draper-Helm