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  1. Good News

    i dont understand why people are getting so upset about lidstrom making less than 5 mill a year my guess would be he signs a 3 year deal for something like 10 million
  2. i think the most criminal player in this whole thing is Yashin at #71, the guy is 35 and has probably the worst post season performer in the history of nhl captains
  3. Detroit to offer Hossa long term deal

    i guess nobodies memory lasts all the way back to round 2, game 4 against anaheim, down 2-1 in the series in a must win game and he breaks the tied game open with 2 goals... if it wasnt for him we might not have even made it past the 2nd round
  4. Marian Hossa Discussions

    i dont think hes playing that bad, he just needs to get the puck towards the net or maybe pass it, he cant just keep skating in circles around the perimeter
  5. What I heard from Pens fans...

    datsyuk played games 3 and 4??
  6. The classy comments at the pensboard..

    i think i found the winner, has nothing to do with class but its pretty good i guess in all the years ive watched hockey i never realized a 2-1 win was a shellacking, let alone when you get outshot 39-28 ps. this guy has over 7000 posts on the penguins site
  7. how do you even compare lidstrom and gonchar??? a.) gonchar doesnt even play on the first penalty kill, quite a defensemen b.) he has 2 points so far this series (both on the PP) and is only +1, how is that a 'great series'?
  8. hes in the pregame skate...
  9. Whats up Detroit... Not a Pens or Wings fan

    i personally love the 'you cant even sell out your own rink detroit...' when they were selling an average of 11k tickets a game only 4 seasons ago and also quotes like these from pens fans i didnt realize getting credited with a goal because u were nearest the puck when it was batted in by the opposing team and getting a few assists meant you were dominating the game? yes your defensemen are obviously great because they have 1 goal so far in the finals, 3 detroit defensemen who were top 11 in scoring during the regular season probably have no ability to put a puck in the net
  10. finals statistics

    bored tonight with way too much free time so i made a spreadsheet of the finals since its been a 7 game series, lets just hope history repeats itself 69 = # finals series 41 = # times cup winning team won games 1 and 2 3 = # times cup winning team lost games 1 and 2 of those 41 series (cup winner winning games 1 & 2): 20 - sweeps 15 - split games 3 & 4 (4 game 3 wins, 11 game 4 wins) 6 - times cup winning team lost both games 3 and 4 (never lost games 3,4 and 5) cup winning team who won games 1 and 2 winning percentage in game 3 is 41.4% cup winning team who won games 1 and 2 winning percentage in game 4 is 75.6%
  11. Pens Boards, (merged)

    a few quotes from GDT from Game One, how quickly things change once it starts going badly for them Damn right it is. Let them play. yes esp since the refs are letting both teams do it w/o any uneven, so far anyways, penalties. both teams are doing the same thing and getting away with it
  12. Poor Poor NHL ratings

    just another example of online "journalists" who have no idea how to compare statistics the 'average' may have been 3.2 rating but that is only because game 5 and 6 were 4.3 and 4.4 respectively, game 4 only drew a 2.3 rating, equating to a 13% increase in game 1 ratings this year VS game 4 ratings last year i believe apples vs oranges applies here
  13. Wierd Stat

    since they were swept in those finals id have to agree with you
  14. Live streaming?

    cbc.ca at least in canada anyways
  15. In 10,000 Simulations of the Cup Final...

    yes listen to the all mighty computer simulations http://www.whatifsports.com/beyondtheboxsc...ticle=2009NHLBP oh wait, before the playoffs started they gave detroit a 1.3% chance of winning the cup (69.9% chance of winning first round compared to SJS had an 88.2% chance of winning) pittsburg had between 0.4% and 0.9% chance so lets just say their probability model might be a little off