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  1. Longshot but is it possible Penguins could match what Oilers

    fixed. He is not worth that much in the future, but he did help win a cup...so he was worth the 2mill this year.
  2. "Bill Guerin, you ignorant slut"

    Why? If we do or don't we got a bargain.
  3. Series

    I'm a pens fan, and they never accepted my request. I've tried a couple times over the last year. They all whine over there anyway...hence, me being here.
  4. Put Z on Malkin?

    The Pens lost Crosby last year for awhile....They did alright. You guys have much more depth than the pens, but really...it has been other people scoring...not these two.
  5. Is Osgood on the verge of a meltdown?

    Do you have a link that states this? I honestly thought that as long as someone attended the weekend events, you were not subject to a suspension. Why would Bettman want to risk injuring the stars even more? Doesnt make sense. A quick lookup I found this. according to Daren Dreger of TSN, the NHL is threatening to suspend players for skipping out on this weekend's All-Star festivities in Montreal. Seriously. From Dreger: The NHL says it will enforce an understanding that all players who decline to show after being named to the All-Star teams must miss at least one game before or one game after the All-Star weekend. This announcement comes after Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby, along with Detroit's Pavel Datsyuk and Nicklas Lidstrom, backed out of Sunday's exhibition game. While the absence of such players takes away from whatever shine an All-Star game is supposed to have, it's really not the end of the world. It is, after all, an exhibition game, and the game already loses plenty of shine when Mike Komisarek is a starter. Now, what this report doesn't specify is whether or not the players have to actually play in the game. In the case of Crosby, for example, he's dealing with a knee injury. Risking further damage to it in a game that doesn't count -- when his real team is fighting for a playoff spot -- doesn't make much sense. Which is why he's decided to sit out the game. I'm guessing Gary Bettman's iron fist is forcing the players to simply show up in Montreal and take part in the weekend's meet and greet with media, fans, etc. etc. etc.
  6. Is Osgood on the verge of a meltdown?

    Was that directed at me or someone else?
  7. Is Osgood on the verge of a meltdown?

    No, he did not have to PLAY, but he did have to show up for the media. If he chose not to show up in Montreal, that would have led to a suspension.
  8. Is Osgood on the verge of a meltdown?

    Malkin should have been suspended. But we got lucky and he wasnt. Ovy should have been suspended in the caps series. He wasnt Cook should have been suspended not only in the caps series, but also the hurricanes series. - He wasnt either time. If Zetterberg or Lidstrom do anything that would be a waranted suspension, you can take it to the bank that they wont, just because they havent called it yet. This is the SCF, more casual fans of hockey are watching this series. They cannot afford to have any star player sitting. Right or Wrong.
  9. Officiating thread

    Yes, I expect you do. I hate Franzen, Zetterberg, Hossa.....well your entire team...atleast until this series is over. But I respect the hell out of them all.
  10. Officiating thread

    If you hate it, why do you watch it? The NHL treating star players like gold is nothing new. Gretzky and Mario got the same treatment.
  11. Officiating thread

  12. Officiating thread

    Hossa did not slash Dupuis like much of the Pen's fanbase originally thought. I thought the same too until I saw the replay. He did hook Dupuis right before that though. Again, who cares. Bad calls and non calls have and always will go both ways. Hope this series goes 7 games, it would be great entertainment, and great for the sport.
  13. The end of hockey as we know it...

    Look, the officiating has been bad for both sides all series. Detroit has got away with a ton, just like Pittsburgh. You have to play through it. Can't wait till game 4!
  14. Hossa's cup quest garners little sympathy

    Your right, he left Pittsburgh to win the Cup. If Pitt wins, that means his decision was wrong. Detroit is an icon in this sport. They are certainly a team that all players would LOVE to play for. Just like in baseball, players like to play for the storied franchises, such as the Yankees or Boston. They give the best chance at winning year in and out. Pittsburgh has the chance to become a team that is back in the SCF for the next 3-4 years...that is why people did not understand his logic. I read on this forum that everyone thinks the West is hard, and the East is far behind. If that is the case, is it not easier for the Pens to get to the SCF then Detroit?