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  1. jmad

  2. This writer has no clue

    Puck Prospectus recently rated our prospects as #1 in the league and said nobody else was close.
  3. Our last playoff berth?

    I want a division of the original 6 teams.
  4. Next Sens GM...Pierre McGuire?!

    This quote a good laugh outta me!
  5. Friday's Game in Chicago

    I go almost ever year to a hawks wings game a the UC and you don't get into trouble unless you're looking for it. Always a lot of wings fans onhand to back you up.
  6. Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

    Luckily Cleary has picked up the production we expected out of Huds. But he's been slowing and there's no way he keeps up his pace. Now is the time for Huds to relax and start shooting. He had chances early in the season and was just unlucky, much like Bert early last year but he needs to get confidence back in his shot.
  7. Jiri Hudler Watch Thread

    I disagree that Hudler is bringing down the locker room because of his contract. Everybody in that locker room wants him to go on a huge goal scoring binge as much as he does. I think he's working but is off right now. Give him time.
  8. How stupid is this KHL-team?

    Send 'em to Siberia!
  9. 11/26 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Blue Jackets 1

    what happened to Mods? I missed it.
  10. Babs says Miller and Eaves will both play

    I don't think you trade a 26 year old with 70+ point potential because he's disappointed in the first 20 games.
  11. Flames Fans Blame Refs

    That must have been a real heartbreaker for Calgary fans last night. I cant blame them too much. That was one of the great endings I've seen in my life and I've been watching the wings for 20 years. I wish they would have let Abs and Iginla go though. He needed a couple fists in his face for slapping the puck down the ice.
  12. NHL Gamecenter

    Yikes. Ps3 app a disaster again tonight so far. It completely froze on me althought the audio kept going. Had to restart the system. Missed the Calgary goal. Speedtest hits 19 Mbps on wifi. Framerate is just terrible. Like watching a flipbook. Datarate keeps changing and the whole thing is half a second out of sync.
  13. NHL Gamecenter

    i agree about last night's feed but it was equally bad on my computer as on the PS3 and that's never been the case. but yes, the frame rate was bad, it would freeze for about a second every twenty seconds and then jump forward to get back to live. A few times it just jumped back to the middle of the first period and made me back out of the game and come back in to get live again. It felt a lot like watching a stream last night. I've had the service for the last few years and it's never done that before. hopefully it was a one time problem.
  14. Stanley Cup Tix

    i got tickets for game 7 two years ago when we lost to the Pens. They had a presale for the cup finals about halfway through the Chicago series. There was a code involved which I found quickly with a google search. The cheapest tickets available, directly from ticketmaster, were $250 a piece. i think i got an email from the wings alerting me to the sale.

    Why doesn't Tatar have stats listed?