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  1. WingsNick5

  2. Class Act Organization

    I wish nothing but the best for your brother and your family. As a breast cancer survivor--I KNOW survival can happen. Keep positive and spend every day enjoying what you have. The Wings have reached out to so many in this situation and I'm glad that someone was able to let them know about your family struggles. I have seen them in many situations where they truly shine off the ice! They are a wonderful group of people--from the top down. The management, coaches, their wives and the players are ALL wonderful people who are truly caring. Keep the faith.
  3. Bob Probert passes away at 45

    RIP Probie! Prayers to his family and friends.
  4. Lilja likely gone

    I was never a fan of Lakidillia Lilja. Yes, he could block shots and was big, but come on...the give-aways were too much. Every time he stepped on the ice, I would cringe! On the other side, I wish him the best of luck if he goes somewhere else and...he better learn how to cover!
  5. Lidstrom Signs 1-Year Contract Extension

    Great original point!
  6. Lidstrom Signs 1-Year Contract Extension

    Mr. Lidstrom has been taking pay cuts for several years now. I know he has more than made enough money throughout his career, but are you really saying he's not worth it? There is not a defenseman in the NHL that brings to the table what Nick does! No one can argue that. He is the most solid defenseman of this era--if not ever. Why he was not on the Norris list again this year is a mystery.
  7. waiting for Abs to return

  8. Favorite Red Wings swede

    Lidstrom #1 Homer or Franzen #2 Lilja = Not on the list at all!
  9. Teppo Numminen retires

    I wish him the best of luck and am glad to see a player retire when they can and not when they NEED to.
  10. My Brother met Ken Holland Yesterday

    I have to agree. Willy is a nice guy and all, but it didn't work the first time, why would it now? I think they have this vision that he can qb the point on the pp. Ah, that's a bust, IMO.
  11. Red Wings Shift Foucus to UFA's

    I think Justin is ready for the NHL. He's proven that, IMO. However, with the talent on this team, he won't get the ice time he would if he were playing on another team in the NHL. I hope they leave him up here and save cap--just in case. He belongs here and will prove to be a solid player.
  12. Happy Birthday Mike Ilitch

  13. Mule makes #4 Top 10 goals 08/09

    Interesting that the only goal vs the Wings began with a breakdown of defense by lakidillia Lilja. Still all of those goals were highlight reel for sure. There were some really nice moves.
  14. I like getting my own scribbles. I agree...the "story" of the scribble is worth more than the COA to me. But then, I don't intend on selling any of my stuff. Good luck with the sale--it will be tough to get a good price. Everyone is strapped for cash right now--except people who were rich to begin with.
  15. Hossa and Kopecky Press Conference

    I think it was an interesting move for Kopy--he's young and wanted to hang with the young boys. While he could have stayed here and learned a lot from the veterans. His choice for sure. Hossa--he was nothing but super nice at the Toast and said the he was enjoying his time here. We all knew that his coming here would probably be a one year deal. Why give him grief now? Personally, I wish them both the best of luck with their new team. But, I will be happy when we kick the Hawks butts every game though.