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  1. Wingznut

  2. Red Wings expect changes for 2014 - 2015

    I don't think they mean that adding a "Top 4" defenseman will automatically push someone else down a notch. That would all depend on defense pairings (chemistry) and possibly even situations. They just mean someone of that caliber, who can compete with our four best.
  3. A plea to Holland.

    Oh, I didn't say "everyone"... Just like not "everyone" is saying to get rid of Kindl and Lash.
  4. A plea to Holland.

    I like how people are complimenting Smith, even stating he should be on the top D pairing... If Holland had listened to this board just a couple of months ago, he would've banished Smith to some beer league. Same with Ericsson a couple of years ago. When Marchenko comes up in a year or two or three... And makes his share of mistakes, I'm sure many here will be calling for his head.
  5. Yzerman commits to Alumni Game roster!

  6. 10/4 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Hurricanes 2 (OT)

    And he needs to dig pucks out of the corner, a good pressure forecheck, set some picks... Imho, Abby is an excellent compliment to Dats and Z. Not EVERYONE on the line needs to score a point per game to have a successful line. Like Datsyuk said about Abby, “It’s like there is somebody who needs to pull the piano and somebody needs to play the piano, This is a guy who is one of the guys who pulls the piano.”
  7. NHL Center Ice on Directv

    The complete NHL Center Ice TV Schedule: The Wings Center Ice TV Schedule If you don't see a game listed, then it is one one of the NBC channels. Take note that they usually offer both the teams' local feeds, on different channels.
  8. Evgeni Malkin "fights" with a kid on the ice

    That's pretty awesome... That kid now has a story that he can tell for the rest of his life.
  9. The number on the front is the worst part about these uniforms.
  10. Delay of game penalty

    You can definitely have both... Take a look at the Kronwall/Hossa play the other day. Kronner was definitely hooking Hoss, but then Hoss very much embellished it. As for the Delay of Game penalty, I wonder if there are liability issues involved. You would think that a lawsuit could arise from a fan being hit with a puck intentionally (and game-legally) launched into the stands. Yes, I know there are disclaimers on the ticket, but those aren't 100%.
  11. A new rival for the Canucks

    As a Portlander, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the NHL in town. And Portland could definitely support an NHL franchise. But I don't see an owner wanting to bring a team here. Paul Allen, the owner of the Trail Blazers, has a lot of control over the Rose Garden... Concessions, parking, advertising, etc. And the possibility of him wanting to give up some of those for another franchise that plays in the exact same season, is slim and none. And he has already gone on record that he has no interest in owning an NHL team himself. Personally, I can see why. I think an NHL team here would seriously hurt his Trail Blazer cash cow.
  12. How WC tickets will be sold

    Fixed that for ya.
  13. Kopecky Suckerpunches Del Zotto

    As someone of Polish descent, who's last name ends in "cki", I can vouch for under_par's explanation.
  14. SportsCenter: Best of the Best As of 11am PDT, he's only pulling 21%!
  15. Do They Deserve It?

    Another thing with Homer, is that he is more than his point totals. Because of his solid play in front of the net, others (such as the d-men) are getting pucks past the goalie. Without Homer creating chaos in there, those goals aren't happening.