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  1. Now I'm Not A NHL Coach, But...

    Regarding Babs decision to sit Abby, what was he thinking? I don't want to hear crap about Abbie not being comfortable in the center position. That is non-sense. Sit Maltby, problem solved. I love Malts, but it's the playoffs and there is only one purpose, to win the cup. Look at these numbers... Pos GP G A P +/- PIM PP SH GW OT S S% TOI/G Sft/G FO% Justin Abdelkader L 10 2 1 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 11 18.2 6:58 11.0 43.6 Kirk Maltby L 17 0 1 1 -1 2 0 0 0 0 10 0.0 9:11 15.2 0.0 Based on the numbers above, a monkey could figure out that you don't sit the player with fewer minutes, fewer games, a better +/- for another who has more minutes, more games, and a worse +/-. COME ON!
  2. No Pavel, No Cup

    Yup. I called it 2 days ago. Wings are gassed.
  3. Why did Babcock sit Abby?

    I wondered the same thing.
  4. New Line, New Name

    If 97.1 The Ticket is right and Drapes is back, how fun would it be for us fans to name a line with him, Malts and Abbie? The MAD Line... or The DAM Line... "Tonight, the Red Wings got continued scoring from there DAM line...." LOL... (has a National Lampoon's feel to it eh cousin Eddie?) The pun possibilities are endless.
  5. Cooke kicked Osgood?

    Are you serious? Did you like slip on an octopus at Whooley's Fish Market in the Strip District and hit your head?
  6. So Just How Solid Is Abbie?

    Lol... the point was that Abbie was a BEAST.
  7. So Just How Solid Is Abbie?

    There's a guy on a local radio station here in North Central WV that covers WVU and Pittsburgh teams. He was in the bathroom last night next to the Wings locker room. A bunch of the European players were out kicking a soccerball around. Z kicked one high and Abdelkader jumped to head it and came out flying into this media guy. His immediate thought was, "great, I can see it now... 'TV guy injures star player'" He said he has caught cinderblocks less sturdy than Abbie. Wow.
  8. Can we win without Dats?

    I'm referring specifically to this series. I know we can win without Dats. The question was posed regarding his defensive prowess and how its influence is becoming noticably absent as this series goes on.
  9. Can we win without Dats?

    Agreed he won't be at 100% but I'd take him at 80% just for the defense.
  10. Can we win without Dats?

    Um... not according to Babcock... "They had another look at him today and everything seems to be fine," Detroit coach Mike Babcock said at the team's media session at downtown hotel here this afternoon.
  11. Can we win without Dats?

    ***This is not a panic thread, just an observation. Just remember the Pens have to win 3 out of the next 4 games.*** I recall back at the end of the Chicago series that Babcock remarked commenting the other players stepping up. I also sustinctly recall him saying something to the effect of, "'s great that they step up. However, they can't play like Lidstrom every night. No one can. Only Nick can play like Nick every night." I think Dats is becoming more and more noticable out of the line up. Without him, I think we may very well go back to Motown 2-2. Thoughts?
  12. Interesting Point Made on NHL Live

    Just on NHL Live.... I think that speaks volumes.
  13. Best $2 I Ever Spent

    So I had the family out Saturday afternoon shopping in Washington, PA. Despite being flipped off on the drive up (something to do with a Wings decal covering the back glass of my car) and verbal banter while shopping (must have been my hat, tattoo, shirt or all 3), we still had a great time. But the best was yet to come. We stopped at a Wal-Mart to exchange a gift and there were a bunch of teenage cheerleaders outside the entrance asking for donations for some local team. Just as we were heading out, I snagged a couple bucks from the wife. I told the girls I would give them a couple bucks if they did a cheer for me. The looks on the faces of the people walking in (most in Pens gear) was priceless. Yes, I orchestrated 6 cheerleaders outside the Washington, PA Wal-Mart chanting, "Let's Go Red Wings!" How sweet the sound.
  14. How huge is Game 1?

    MEGALADON HUGE! Roadmap to the Cup is simple. Win Game #1 convincingly, instilling doubt in the Pens' minds. Then, take Game #2 as they will have less than 24 hrs to recover. Go back to sPittsburgh up 2-0 and know that they won't beat us the next 4 out of 5 games.
  15. Schedule Helps Wings?

    @Made in Hockeytown: I was referring to as in comparison to last year... On that note, I still think that they are not well-rounded to recover in less than 24 hrs from a old fashion horse whoopin' if the Wings bring it like they can. Then it is too big a hole to come out of, having to be us 4 of the next 5 games.