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  1. OldMan333

  2. I predict you are going to catch some heat for the Kane jersey. If you've got the option to switch to a Toews jersey, do it! Kane is not well liked (I think that's an understatement).
  3. TV Listings I am looking at (for Charter cable) show the game being broadcast on FSD where I always watch. Go WIngs!!!!
  4. Kronwall and Rig on the wing?

    Put Kronner with Toots and Abby, then they can just hit/destroy anyone that dares to get anywhere near the puck. By the end of the first period, the other team will be running out of healthy bodies to put on the ice.
  5. Six outdoor games in 2014 for NHL

    If the NHL is going to have more than one or two outdoor games a year, they should get serious about doing it right. Have 5 games a year (maybe New Years Day, then every Saturday night in January) and rotate the teams and venues so that each team plays outdoors once every 3 years, and each team gets an outdoor home game once every 6 years. Or (gulp) do 10 games each year so each team gets 2 every 3 years and a home outdoor game once every 3 years. Watching your favorite teams outdoors on TV would still be noteworthy events, and a chance to attend an outdoor home game only once every 3 or 6 years would still be a special opportunity. If I knew every Saturday night during the core winter months of hockey season I could tune in and watch an outdoor game (the only one either of those teams will play that year, and the only time at that venue for 3 to 6 years - or ever, if a city moves their outdoor venue around) -- That would be cool.
  6. I'm a big Flip fan, but if we had good reason to believe Iginla would re-sign with the Wings for 2+ yrs, I think this is a good trade.
  7. Biggest mistake Red Wings have done

    I don't mind showing loyalty to the veteran Wings who have given us some good years, but I do mind these signings of older (mid 30s) middle-of-the-pack players like Samuelsson instead of bringing up the young guns like Nyquist. I'd like to see more of the young guys thrown into the deep end - give them experience and start establishing the future 20-something core of the team.
  8. The Dynasty

    Regardles of the Wings future success, it feels like we have closed out an era that started with Yzerman, Lidstrom, Bowman, the Russian 5, the Grind Line, and all the Hall of Famers that came to the Wings to 'get their name on the cup'. The salary cap and Yzerman retirement were the beginning of the end of the era and Lidstrom retirement sealed it. Yzerman-Lidstrom Era/Dynasty or Hall-of-Fame Years both seem fitting.
  9. Do We Really Need a New Stadium?

    I get to maybe 3 or 4 games a year at the Joe. Rule #1 - NEVER park in the JLA lot (or Cobo roof for that matter). Rule #2 - Don't go in the main entrance attached to the JLA lot. Before they roped it all off for the remodel I would park around the old Cobo Arena garage or on Yzerman Drive. Now I park in the surface lot behind Cobo Joes bar - easy access and quick exit from any of these locations. you could also go over to greek town area and take one of the many party shuttles the bars send back and forth - that's always a party. No matter where you park, walk through or around Cobo to get to the river, then enter JLA from the river side - not only do you get a cool view of the river, the bridge and the birth-country of hockey, but you walk right into JLA -- virtually no line. I love the current location. Walking the river front before and after the game is as much a part of the experience as the game itself. Won't be the same going to see the Wings in some new venue surrounded by parking lots.
  10. 2012 Winter Classic, Jan 2.

    For me, the Winter Classic is all about the weather. Game 1 had a blizzard and Game 4 had the high temps and melted ice - that made those games unique and different -- worth watching regardless of which teams were playing. If the weather is perfect and ice is perfect, then it is just another game -- not nearly as interesting. If it doesn't have the Wings, it better have some ugly weather conditions.
  11. Crowd was insane last night. Loudest and most sustained I have heard. My voice is shot, ears are still ringing. And it carried into the concourse after the game and into the streets and into the bars 2 hrs later with "Let's go Wings" breaking out whenever someone new walked in with a Wings jersey on. Great stuff! Keep it going, Wings!
  12. Not to be an A-hole

    THIS!!! Why this big red flare hasn't gone up more often the last 4(?) years I don't understand.
  13. Explain This To Me?!?!

    Checked NHL.com and didn't see any dives in SJ series, but Helm was called for a dive at 17:11 of 2nd period in Game 7 against PHX. Lombardi got the companion penalty (Interference at 17:11). So still looking for a solo dive call.
  14. Lidstrom nominated for Lady Byng

    Yeah I think Pavel got scratched off the list in Game 1 with his Gordie Howe Hat Trick. Congrats to Nick. He should havbe been an obvious nominee and winner every year!
  15. Big TV, Big Cap

    Time to replace Ozzie with a good $1.5M backup. Maybe the plan all along was to pick up Nabokov over the summer. Replace Madano/Draper with a good sized sniper at $2-$4M -- not sure who that would be though.