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  1. Even though deep down I feel like it's to annnounce his retirement, another part of me is hoping it's not. Wouldn't it be said that Ilitch would also be present alongside Holland and Lidstrom?
  2. This. I'm nothing but bummed right now.
  3. Searched the forums and didn't see this posted, but if it was I'm sorry in advance! Pretty funny video Gretzky did with College Humor. Enjoy!
  4. I second that!
  5. Haha, oops. Didn't mean to give him credit either. Was just stating he showed it to me. Regardless, it's hilarious.
  6. Thanks. Unfortunately I can't take credit for this gem as a good friend of mine posted it on my Facebook today, but I did spend some time laughing at it last night and figured I should share.
  7. Still can't believe this was called a dive...
  8. I appreciated what you had to say.
  9. Suspendable?
  10. This is exactly how I feel about it, doesn't seem right.
  11. I believe it does go by order of standings. However, I believe given the circumstances Philly and Vancouver still get a chance.
  12. Exactly what I've been telling people. He's an absolute steal at his price tag now.
  13. Wow. Good thing they found out. Really like this guy, hope he makes a healthy recovery and is back out there soon.
  14. How does Detroit get the first crack?