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  1. adam12


  2. adam12

    NHL 09

  3. adam12

    Ex-Pens who eventually played for Detroit

    Also you could add Jamie "Push-over" Pushor, and Greg Johnson.
  4. adam12

    Worst Channel to watch hockey on.

    Vs. is the worst. They go from hockey to bull-riding. NBC shows the same commercials after every break, and then Pierre Mcguire FSN Detroit gets my vote as it has The Mickster. CBC is great but they can be a little biased against the wings. I sure wish I had TSN. Chris Cuthbert is one of the best play-by-play announcers.
  5. adam12

    The offical good Karma thread

    I like Penguins, and their team name is Penguins. I guess that counts.
  6. adam12

    NHL 09

    Yeah I've heard of that. I really haven't played online much but a buddy of mine mentioned the same exact thing.
  7. adam12

    NHL 09

    Agreed, I bought the game in September and there hasn't been a day where I have not played it. Absolutely a fantastic game.
  8. adam12

    NHL 09

    It's definitely the best hockey game out there. Can't wait for NHL 2010. After whistle scrums are going to be a blast. NHL 2010 Wikipedia Page
  9. adam12

    Osgood & Hossa FOR Luongo?

    I don't think so. Louie was looking very shaky against the hawks.