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  1. Red Wings make offer to Damien Brunner

    5'11" 186# standard Red Wing size.
  2. Capgeek Rosters

    Why cant we get Wideman instead of Quincey? Same money proven player & won't be back if Dale has left. Watch the East games those guys are hitting & I don't think most of the wings can handle it, you need some bigger faster guys unless regular season games are fun to watch.
  3. How much of a steal was James Neal for Pitt?

    I wanna know how Holland & crew missed this guy??? 6th round pick from the Plymouth Whalers! Right in your own backyard, what did Holland make for that pick that year?
  4. Reward offered for return of Crosby's Olympic gear

    We should send some email tips to help- like looking in Buttman's bedroom. Might find some of Cindy's dresses too.