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  1. Osgood the Best

    Osgood the Best

  2. Osgood the Best

    Hawks vs. Avs GDT

    They bought that cup. Look at all the trades they had to do because they couldn't afford them this year. Bandwagontown
  3. lol, that's a ways away, gl out in S.C.

  4. Osgood the Best

    An absolute steal...

    What's funny is that was just a gesture to "cut it out" lmao not "I'm going to cut your head off" ty Bettman for another screwed up season. I hope this isn't how this season is going to be, a suspension for a normal gesture while a penguin takes out a player with his knee. You can tell that the Pens are still the boss' pet team.
  5. ironically, we just moved to south carolina! so now i live 4 blocks plus 1004 miles!

  6. You live 4 blocks from me, lol!!

  7. Osgood the Best

    "Detroit sucks" chant at Cup celebration?

    What's funny is the 15 people at the games at the beginning of the season and last season are the only ones that know anything about the chat, the rest are just mimicking like 3 year olds. 80% of the fan base ARE band-wagoners, I live in IL I know how we(as a state not me personally) think of Chicago hockey, prior to this season of course.
  8. Osgood the Best

    Worst Hockey Team Name Ever?

    Our local team here is call the Mallards, pretty much the same thing. But the reason they're called the Mallards is because we are on the Mississippi River and there are TONS of ducks here, but why Anaheim is still the Ducks I don't know, at least we have a reason. For the 2 years we had Calgary's AHL team they changed the name to the Flames, that was the worst, we actually lost ticket sales because of the loyals that hated the name change. But what about Rockford Ice Hogs? Or even the Iowa Chops, with a big pig head as the logo, lol.
  9. Osgood the Best

    OHL Player lays out opposing goalie

    That's insane!! What a ******, no wonder he wasn't drafted last year.
  10. Osgood the Best

    Put Ozzy in.

    As much of an Ozzie fan as I am, I have to agree. The officiating and diving is what killed the game tonight, and if it weren't for Howard it would have been way worse. Ozzie can step it up for the playoffs, yes, but has he ever faced that many shots and let in fewer goals? I think not. Any time he faces 30+ shots it's usually 4 goals or so, Howard made some great saves, having said that, he has let some soft goals in this post season, but he is still a great goaltender and he still deserves to be in the pipes.
  11. I didn't go to any this year, but and only a few the 2 years as the Flames, but had season passes for the 2 years prior to the switch to the Flames. Been too busy unfortunately.

  12. hey good to see a fellow wings fan in the qc. you go to games at the iWi much?

  13. is thinking that Howard my be the best :P

  14. Too bad we may not even have a team again next year. Live in Moline myself. Go Wings!!

  15. Osgood the Best

    Kenny calling Crosby "Cindy"?