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  1. Jonathan Ericsson Appreciation Thread

    Ha, I saw the title of your thread and came in to give you a beatdown. Ericssion and Rafalski, Salei and Hudler please gtfo.
  2. NHL Center Ice

    I'd say the quality of the stream also depends on your internet connection. I ran gamecenter at the highest quality on wireless N no problems or lag. I can't say for center ice but I know for sure gamecenter will not carry playoffs games in Canada because every playoff game is broadcast on cbc/tsn/tsn2 channels. Which is the same rule any game being broadcast on your local sports channel will not be available to watch on gamecenter as it takes away revenue from the local channels.
  3. NHL Center Ice

    I've used NHL gamecenter and was looking to get nhl center ice. The pricing is all right however for someone like me who doesn't watch or need any other channel it is a waste of money. Here in Canada in order to get center ice you have to get the basic tv package + hd package + cost of HD receiver + cost of center ice, I priced it out here in Toronto with Starchoice, Expressvu and Cogeco most came to $70 to $100 /month, which is a lot just to watch 10 people at time chase a puck around for 60 minutes. I went with gamecenter last year, its a great a product and I was able to watch many teams including Detroit however my father wants to watch Toronto, but can't on gamecenter as it will take revenue away from the local channels and playoffs aren't broadcast on gamecenter. I'm going to buy a couple games on hockeystreams.com this year and see how it goes, plus hockeystreams now supports streaming to your mobile device live. For the $ to watching hockey ratio, center ice is great but the amount of bullcrap you have to sign up for is a huge waste of money considering I don't need to watch the other shows being broadcast on the 200+ channels I have to sign up for just to get center ice. I've long thought TV providers would be better off letting consumers select what channels they want instead of forcing you to take crap channels just to watch one channel. I'm all up for getting center ice which is priced at $30/month here +cost of HD equipment. Sorry for the rant, but I felt a good comparison between gamecenter/hockeysteams/center ice was needed.
  4. Free Agent Wish List

    Where did you find 3 Volechenkovs? If you have a cloning machine the Best line up would be: Datsyuk Zetterberg Datsyuk Datsyuk Zetterberg Datsyuk Datsyuk Zetterberg Datsyuk Datsyuk Zetterberg Datsyuk Lidstrom Stuart Lidstrom Stuart Lidstrom Stuart Assuming you have a time machine a Hasek in his prime would be ideal Hasek Hasek2 (backup)
  5. Ritola in for Williams in game 4?

    After last night's performance by Williams. Missing the net constantly on the point and then the high wide shot in OT to top it off, it's a no brainer. If this was a rough series we would've gone with May but seeing how we need speed against the Sharks, Ritola is a nice upgrade, just like Lebda was chosen over Lilja for speed out of the zone.
  6. Lilja says to have faith

    Hey all, I usually don't post as the the jabber back and forth between members is entertaining. However a lot of people are doubting the wings so I thought maybe I should post what Lilja wrote on his blog, not sure how many of you know but Lilja maintains a playoff blog to keep in touch with fans. Lilja post: "Hi! Not a fun day, yesterday ... as soon as we were taking charge of the game, we got a penalty, and then after a while when we were taking charge again, we got another one in the sinbin! It felt like the referee (I really hate to blame anything on the referees ) found a little too many penalties on us, and kept a damn funny level on the game! We were ahead and had the game in our pocket, then he finds two penalties on us, and that turns the whole game around! We played 12:54 with either one or two men in the sinbin, which doesn't make it easy to win games! However, I really think in the longrun, that we are going to take care of business and win the second round in the playoffs, now we must win our two home games and then it's gonna be a real pleasure to travel to Sharkland and steal one of their home games! It's time to recharge, you have to be first to get four wins, so there's still a lot to play for! Have faith in us, and as usual, be safe and I will write soon again." REGARDS LILLS" If the guys haven't lost any hope then we for sure don't need to, as we all know we are the Red Wings and are one of the few teams that can do anything. I'm predicting the series will be tied 2-2 after two games at the Joe. http://redwings.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=61686
  7. Crosby vs Malkin

    I'd rather take Datsyuk or Zetterberg over Crosby or Malkin.
  8. Wings to trade one defenseman

    Lilja - Ericsson sounds like a good future pairing but for now, I think it would be better and more balanced if the d-pairings were: Lidstrom Ericsson (Ericsson played excellent beside Lidstrom then he did beside Lebda, also Big E can learn alot from Nick while he can, and the mix of Nick's positional defensive style with a mix of Big E's checking defensive style will be more balanced and I've noticed were Nick is too slow or sometimes looks vulnerable, Ericsson's speed covers that nicely) Rafalski Kronwall: Stable at offense, excellent at defense and Rafi gets caught piching kronwall has the speed to catch up. Stuart Lilja: While Lilja is a good D-man, He can learn a lot from stuart, accept giving the puck away in a SCF Game 7 he doesnt need to learn that lol. The D pairings like this are just more stable on offense and defense, instead of putting all our best players together splitting them up makes the whole team better. Kind of like Dats and Z are often on seperate lines now and harder for the oppositon to matchup against a specific line.
  9. Wings to trade one defenseman

    If Lilja gets better, Lebda is out. Meech has small salary and can sub as forward/defense so we need him. Where Lebda isn't really needed if you have a healthy Lilja. Lilja can throw the hits, get in scrums and block the shots. Where Lebda can make the passes, and has a offensive flare with his speed. The wings don't need another offensive defenseman, already have 3 we need a couple reliable stay at home Defenseman. However is Lilja remains on LTIR then his salary doesn't count against the cap so we can keep all 3 D till Lilja is fully healthy and ready to play.
  10. Nobody Wants Heatley

    That makes alot more sense, good post. So it would be 3.5 mil to be payed by his new team and then 7.5 after that correct?
  11. Sedin's want the Zetterberg deal

    I think Van will make a push for Gaborik or Hossa with the help of Demitra as they are all close buddies, not sure how VAN is planning on filling in Ohlund's spot if he leaves. I think if they got good D with Luongo they will be alot better vs loading up on offensive stars and keeping a mediocre defense. They should trade for Redden, keep ohlund below 4.5 mill, re-sign wellwood, add Neil and maybe trade for a prospect and picks for boston's kessel. Those additions add forechecking, stable offense, strong defense and steller goalie in Luongo. Just a thought lol.
  12. Sedin's want the Zetterberg deal

    I believe they want to play together that is why they BOTH made the offer to Van instead of only one of or the agent saying Henrik wants this contract and then Daniel not saying anything lol. So it is assumed they do not want to play seperately and it doesn't get any better than playing NHL hockey with your own brother/twin accept for maybe me being datsyuk's line mate lol.
  13. Holland "Not Optimistic" about re-signing Hossa

    I think Hossa will sign with the redwings eventually but only after seeing what offers contending teams can put forward, that does put the redwings in a sticky situation as they could lose all FA's but they have no choice. After Hossa see's the amount of $ contending teams offer Montreal, Vancouver and compares it to Detroit's offer he will most likely choose Detroit because of thier chances of winning. I believe Hossa just wants a fair contract and a good chance at winning at all but willing to make the financial sacrifice to make it happen. I highly doubt he would sign with a non-contender such as L.A or Minn seeing how badly he wants to win it during the prime of his career.
  14. Nobody Wants Heatley

    It doesn't only performance bonus count against the cap to a certain percentage (according to wikipedia). Sens just want to save 4 mil on a player that won't be playing for them in the near future.
  15. How about Alexei Kovalev?

    Threads like these are a waste of database space. Kovalev ? are u kidding me? This team doesn't need another star or 50 goal scorer. This team needs ROLE players say it with me R O L E P L A Y E R S. Players that can throw the big hits, win the battles against the boards, score some timely goals and overall give it 100% every shift, sort of like Cleary. We already have Lidstrom, Rafalski, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Filppula and Hossa (depends). How many more stars are really necessary? this isn't a no salary cap league anymore. You need BALANCE of a mixed type of players to win. Scorers + Checkers + Defense + Goaltending = WIN. not STARS and we can't afford the damn guy anyway. If we can't keep Hossa & Hudler together how the hell you fit Kovalev on this roster? s*** is too tight to fit!!!! just ask holland.