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    I know I have seen a lot of posters saying they want another year for Mrazek to gain some more seasoning before he becomes a backup. Anyone willing to take this "goodbye tour" at the right price or think it would be too much of a distraction with every away game being "bye bye Brodeur? Matt Hutter thinks so
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    In the articles he says he will play #2 if the team is a contender. Now the question is what does Holland do if he wants Marty to take that next step. I think it comes down to picking up an O Dman, if we can get a sniper FA on the cheap (I know pipe dream) and the kids remaining hot.
  3. legaleaglewingsfan

    Redwings crowd tonight

    I debated making the 3 hour trek last night hoping I would bring the magic from March 20th when I was last there, glad I didn't go to see that display of "franzenesque don't give a s***" play. I have never turned off a Red Wings game mid-game but I was severely tested last night. Last season I had the position at least the kids are going to get 4 games of experience when we entered the playoffs. This season I still am thankful for the seasoning they will get but I want more, I want to have my wife and I sitting on separate sides of the living room as we beat the flightless birds senseless in the conference finals. And most of all I want the Wings to play like they give a damn and make all their scrapping to get into the playoffs worth it.
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    ECQF - Series C - Penguins versus Blue Jackets

    There is actually a trending #wearethe5thline by some BJ fan in anticipation for the playoffs. Shirts and such are being made and sold here in Central Ohio. I am also of the CBJ cheering group and unless they meet the Wings will be cheering for them. This of course does not bode well for my marriage to the Pens fan. Oh well go BJ's.
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    Nyquist goal scoring song

    I can see it now people bringing in goose calls like the train whistles for Tootoo.
  6. legaleaglewingsfan

    Around The League - Eastern Conference Playoff Race

    I predicted the finish of the three other teams realistically in the race and believe the number to beat is 88, meaning in the next 7 games we need 4 points or better. I predict the following outcomes to the following games Caps; vs Stars - L @ Devils- W @ NYI- W @ Blues- L @ Hurricanes- W vs Hawks- L vs Lightning- OTL Leafs: vs Flames - W vs Bruins- L vs Jets- OTL @ Lightning- L @ Panthers- W @ Senators- W Jackets: vs Avs- OTL @ Flyers- W vs Hawks- OTL vs NYI- W vs PHX- L @ Stars- W @ Lightning- L @ Panthers- W Devils: vs Panthers- W @Sabres- W vs Capitals- L @Hurricanes-W vs Flames- OTL @Senators- L vs Islanders- W vs Bruins- L Senators: vs Hurricanes- OTL vs Islanders- W vs Canadiens- L @Rangers- L @Islanders- W vs Devils- W vs Leafs- L @Penguins- W Hurricanes: @Senators- W @Penguins- L vs Stars- L vs Devils- L @Rangers- L vs Capitals- OTL @Red Wings- ? @Flyers- W With these predictions the following is how the teams around us will finish up. CBJ- 92 Caps- 88 TOR- 87 NJ-86 OTT- 85 Car- 80
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    Net off the moorings question

    My apologies in advance I have no desire to wade through the 42 pages from last night to see if this was answered there. I was at the game last night but magically the ref's mike cut after saying the puck entered the net after the net was off its moorings so I didn't hear the explanation. My, presumably mistaken understanding, was if it is completely off its moorings than a goal that enters after doesn't count. Was this a bad call or am I mistaken on the rule. Just a little curious and bugged that I don't understand why it was called a good goal. Thanks in advance for responses. LGW
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    3/25 GDT - Red Wings 2 at Blue Jackets 4

    Blessed to get to go to this one. Hopefully the boys in red bring death and destruction to Columbus and the insects. Would love to see both CBJ and Det make the playoffs (sorry Toronto, you suck) but not at the expense of Detroit so CBJ can win out after we blow em away tonight. LGW
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    Around The League - Eastern Conference Playoff Race

    I have lived through two SCF with my now wife (at that time Fiancee) with us playing Pitt. We barely survived Thursday, unless the trip to the Cup Finals were on the line I would prefer to not play Pitt. On a random side note, we were seated next to Bert's wife on Thursday and she is about the sweetest woman I have ever met. Also got exceptionally into the game and was high fiving me with every score.
  10. legaleaglewingsfan

    3/20 GDT - Penguins 4 at Red Wings 5 (OT)

    Making the pilgrimage to this one from Central Ohio with my misguided pens fan wife. Per her request we wiill be rocking the customized jerseys with our last names on them (least I have the winged wheel on my chest) behind the goal in Section 115. Here is hoping that the boys in Red deal death and destruction to the flightless birds, that I see the red light come on in front of me in periods 1 and 3 (while it appears broken in period 2) and I have a happy drive home as my wife sleeps off a stinging loss. LGW
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    Vanek Traded To Islanders

    To hear Tavares speak I doubt Moulson would have wanted to go anywhere. It sounds like they were fairly close given that Tavares is godfather to Moulson's kid. I still think that Buffalo wins this deal by getting the picks, of course as someone who lives in Ohio I can say the Browns have had good picks and still suck so you gotta do the right thing with those picks and have a good farm/development system along with a little luck that someone doesnt have a catastrophic injury/accident a la Vladdy. Sorry forgot the link
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    The most annoying things about being at games?

    6'5 here, maybe 225 if its after the candy/food rich holidays and I HATE airline, and stadium seating as my legs kill when all is said and done. I also detest drunks who purposely spill every imaginable thing on my 5'4 petite wife because she has the audacity to cheer for the team to the East that rhymes with Mittsburgh which she adopted because it was her deceased grandpa's team. Aside from her being a bit misguided she did nothing to deserve a beer and hot dog with all the fixings shower. Add to that we are from Central Ohio and drive to and from the games on game night and god forbid if we are pulled over as the car because of her being doused with beer reeked of alcohol.
  13. legaleaglewingsfan

    Kronwall Injury Update

    This is the disrespectful clown from the last time we met in the playoffs. I believe we remember this I think its about time that we have Mr. Tootoo pencil Mr. McLeod in for a clock cleaning in Detroit on March 6th. Maybe invite a full house to witness it too.
  14. legaleaglewingsfan

    Trade Proposal

    Gretzky now or Gretzky circa 1980's? Can we trade Mule for Gretzky's daughter?
  15. legaleaglewingsfan

    Trade Proposal

    Go back in time and show KH the quote from franzen about not being a scorer and then hold him at gunpoint while he re-signs Hossa instead.
  16. legaleaglewingsfan

    Big Red Wings Announcement coming tomorrow

    Kronwall kronwalled Sammy into oblivion and now Sammy will have to go on LTIR?
  17. legaleaglewingsfan

    9/17 Pre-Season GDT : Red Wings 0 at Blackhawks 2

    Fixed it for you.
  18. legaleaglewingsfan

    Preseason Game #1: First Impressions

    On the Tatar goal did the announcer say "good interference"? And to think I wanted to try to watch this game, it would have been muted immediately if I had found it.
  19. legaleaglewingsfan

    Exhibition Hockey

    Any chance of catching tonight's festivities on satellite? Maybe FSD or FSD+? Please?
  20. legaleaglewingsfan

    Horton looking 6m for 5/6 years

    Didn't that CBJ squad almost sneak into the playoffs. Admittedly if they don't secure goalie Bob they will be back in the bottom of the league but having seen this team up close they have righted the ship. As far as that player goes I think we can all agree he is a ******.
  21. legaleaglewingsfan

    Hawks new model franchise?

    This was posted on as a kind of sick joke right. Like it's their attempt at humor or a parody of some kind? I don't honestly believe they think that a team headed for salary cap hell is a model organization. Right?
  22. legaleaglewingsfan

    Draft position? Thoughts as a 3rd or 4th rounder? Not tiny at 6'2 but obviously not a monster as admittedly we would like to draft. I am iffy as a 3rd but I think a 4th if he is around could be worth the gamble.
  23. legaleaglewingsfan

    Octopus Toss Suggestions/Advice GAME 4

    I believe Buppy said it best: "Good rule of thumb is always take an octopus everywhere. Better to have one and not need it than find yourself thinking, "Damn, I wish I had that octopus".
  24. legaleaglewingsfan Bracket Challenge

    I am in as well and have predicted a possible end to my marriage as for the 3rd time in 6 years Detroit will square off against my wife's Pens. I think it is the only time we have willingly sat as far apart as possible while watching hockey. I'm still razzed for turning the tv off before "he who has a broken jaw" raised the cup and saying what I thought of the officials in that series.
  25. legaleaglewingsfan

    Detroit: Circa June 2018...

    I fire up the gamecube every so often and trade a 2002-2003 Bertuzzi to the Red Wings to play with that group. PURE DOMINATION