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  1. None of them are loading up for me.
  2. This guy needs to be kicked out of the league. Repeat offenders like this have shown all they do is make dirty plays. He's going to end someone's career one day and everyone will say "He's done this before. Why didn't you remove him before, NHL?"
  3. Pretty much how I feel about it. Steve stayed with the Wings his entire career so he obviously is very loyal. He might want to stay with the Bolts and keep building what he started. His team though isn't enough of a threat that I want him here so bad to take Holland's reigns. He's still got some learning to do.
  4. Before we go any further in this thread, everyone realizes that this is RYAN LAMBERT of PUCK DADDY, correct? The journalism over there is a joke, and Lambert is the worst of them all.
  5. GDT

    You realize it's a joke, right?
  6. GDT

    Scumbag Datsyuk
  7. Considering he's being very vocal about how mad he is he didn't make the team, I'm not surprised he has an attitude problem.
  8. I agree that they should have told him he was cut instead of letting him find out through TV, but nothing entitles him to be on this team. Maybe if he worked harder he would be on the team right now. There's no one to blame but himself.
  9. Nah man, we're way too busy letting Cleary collect a paycheck to do nothing.
  10. That didn't take long.
  11. Why are people getting so upset about this? I think it's hilarious. I've never seen someone try that shot before.
  12. I hope so, but I haven't seen any. This is classic example of the rule though. I love Biz, but if you left the bench it's 10 games. You think he could read the rule book with all the time he spends on the bench.
  13. gdt

    VLC cone? Probably watching the same one as me.