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  1. Marian...

    I have a quick question for you guys, since i'm way too bummed to go to bed i'll just sit and think. First off i love mesome Hossa, I think his talent was over looked this playoffs because he was forced into a defensive role however looking long term i was thinking about letting Hossa walk and bringing in a younger (and dare i say more explosive) Marian Gaborik. He's younger, from what i've seen faster, and i think he would be a great fit. Plus I'd rather lock him up for 7 years than Hossa... Thoughts? ps last i herd talks with minnie were going well but so was Hossa's with Pitt.
  2. A hard question

    FIRST POST! been coming here forever, thought i'd start to partake (and donate) to my favorite site online! Anywho i thought i'd start a thread besides the common 1XXX post and X team/player is good/sucks. I was cruising through the old threads and landed on a discussion about Yzermans retirement and who'd be the new cap'n. So i sadly got to thinking about the next couple years and as we all can assume Zetterberg will be the next to don the "C", but my question is if we never drafted Zeterberg and Datsyuk and the Hoss never came here, and the great and mighty Lindstrom hung 'em up this year who would be the next captain... (and for pretends you cannot bring in an outside player ie: no fed's/shanny return) Rafalski came to mind first but he seemed to be more of an alternate, draper would (in this theory) be gone so who does this leave? After the heart he has shown, hearing his interview after the blackhawks game winner, and the influx of new talent in the league i though it'd be cool to see Helm with the C, though not a huge producer i think he could motivate nicely sort of a dallas drake captain guy... id see the team as Helm -C Raffi -A Mule/Kronner -A (rotating) thoughts?