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  1. Just imagine how they are going to react when we win the cup.........Do the wings have their own security, I don't think I want to be at the Igloo as a wings fan If they win it . I am sure some poor wings fan is in for a congrats pat on the back........RUN!......OH GOD!.......RUN!
  2. It is sad, I do enjoy the heckles and laughs but that is way too disrespectful, I have a great job at Ford and I am not in any danger to loose my job but way too many have and that is not funny on any level. Poke fun and debate, remember we are all brothers in these hard times, Keep it respectful.
  3. If I was not an autoworker and lived in pensylvania , I would not find that vindicating after a loss, I would be like "DUDE! SHOW A LITTLE CLASS, SOME RESPECT FOR YOUR FELLOW BROTHER, FELLOW AMERICAN, DAMN!
  4. Your basically telling your fellow american that it's funny that children lose their home and go hungry, suffering and depression for families is just what we deserve for having a championship in our city. We have a lot of nerve having something great happen to this city, how dare us have some happiness in a time of misery. THAT IS JUST COLD! F%$# U!
  5. They are all laughing now but detroit will be an automotive beast that will shock all it's critics and shut the mouths of those who spoke bad about about our great state. The hard working people who make it world class will have the last laugh, just like us Wings fans when the Wings hoist the Cup in victory!
  6. I think the comment about our team and the states economy goes beyond bad sportsmanship and points to REAL HATE for us, I think that poster has mental problems, the moderator is backing him, I certainly would not allow that on this board if I was the moderator.
  7. If the wings did not lose composure in game 4 the way they did, today would be the winner and Hossa would be drinking out of the Cup!
  8. Even the players are showing how classless they can be , absolutely no composure!
  9. Lets just show them how a championship team has the classiest fans in all the NHL.
  10. I view other opposing team forums and I can not believe how cruewel some fans can get when thier team is down, check out this post from this pittsburg penguins forum board. I found this extreamly personal and offensive as a detroit fan and as an autoworker, I'll let you decide if it goes overboard. http://msgboard.pittsburghpenguins.com/ind...29374&st=40 "The refs are once again horrible in Detroit. It's like they're scarred to make a ******* call in the ******* **** hole because they know they'll be mugged after the game. Detroit getting away with ******* everything tonight. Dupis hit was clean. The guy ******* ducked because he's a *****. Kunitz got the only penalty? huh? Fleury was being knocked over all night, and Zetterberg drove Kunitz into Osgood, who then dove like the ***** he is. Hossa takes a run at Garon. I wish someonewould have taken off his head. Seriously. Malkin call was borderline. Detroit continues to get away with murder, but it's Detroit after all. Murder is the only ******* thing those ******* **** *** ******* can ******* do because they have no ******* jobs pieces of worthless **** driving down America **** Detroit **** hossa **** the refs **** betman **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****"
  11. The Wings have the wake up call, I think the Joe will RECHARGE them for the next two games, I do not mind them winning the cup in there arena, ALL THE MORE SWEETER!!!!
  12. I think the pens fans mirrored our own complaints when we were up 2-0, so lets just see what happens now!
  13. This is all the Wings fault. It has nothing to do with the Pens ability.
  14. I hope Babcock's reaming some a**. They are playing for the Stanley Cup, not the Sippy Cup!
  15. Send your list to Babcock's blackberry!!!