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  1. translation: i'm so mad and so passive aggressive that i'll just find any excuse in any thread to relate it to how the Capitals would be a better match-up than the team that just beat the Wings in 7 games. You're a retarded f***, Snazzy, full ******* retard.
  2. If I had a time machine, I'd go back and buy your father a condom and try to convince him not to f*** his drunk retarded cousin.
  3. You might be the dumbest poster here at LGW, the most annoying at least. Nothing you say or any thread you start is steeped in any logic or truth. The Pens have their core players locked up for the next 5 to 7 years. Sinking ship? 2 Days after they beat the Red Wings on home ice. 2 months after they started an 18-3-4 final run at the playoffs with a new young energized coach? One year away from a new arena? ANd coming off their second SFC in the two years? I understand your little ***** is aching from the swift kick Stanley Cup loss was, but christ sake s***head...make some ******* sense. Try shutting the f*** up until you are over the devestating finals loss. Once you take a step back (and stop huffing spray paint and model glue) you'll see that the Pens will be hovering around the Cup for years to come.
  4. And I am glad your busy schedule allows you and your ilk time to stay here and whine and cry and blubber and blame and deflect and act like idiots because you didn't do what was statistically a gimme--- win 2 out of 5 to close out the Cup. Instead of following your team's captian and understadning that this is a learning opportunity, you come and make excuses and bash the Pens.
  5. Nah. I'll stay and laugh at you until they ban me, dumb f***. One question though. Did you cry when the Wings got spanked?
  6. Open you eyes and try reading a thread you son of a diry tired old hooker. I openly said Crosby is not the best in the league, yet. Suck on my Stanley Cup, Detroit Crybaby. Mod...feel free to ban me now. Bored with these broken down Detroit *******.
  7. And your favorite site,, is pimping both of their products. Even Wings fans are selling out.
  8. Oh look, Hockeyho1960 trolling me again with nothing to say. Can that pea-sized brain in your cranium come up with anything of substance, or are you just going to act like a child all day?
  9. \ Show me this "whiner poll"
  10. Really? Ovie is an awesome offensive force but he is a puck hog that shoots every chance he gets and plays zero defense. He is either cherry picking at the redline or occasionally skating in to blinside someone (usually leaving his skates to do so). He's an awesome talent, but not as well rounded a player as even Sid not even clsoe to Z or Pavs. You make no sense and your blind jealosuy is showing in your inconsistent statements.
  11. looks like you got f***ed up by having a brother and a sister for parents. If you knew the sport and the series and didn't just join today you know that "zetterberg" would have been a better choice ofr you asinine comment.
  12. Well, open your eyes next time you watch him play, jackass. He isn't Pavs caliber, yet. But he is young and he contributes and every year will make him beter.
  13. Do you blame them? You do see the leagues need to market itself, right? Youwant the sport to remain viable, right?
  14. HAHA. Looks like your site owner is not so principled as you.