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  1. WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 3

    Okay, just two breaks. Just two. Come on Wings, I believe
  2. WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 3

    Okay...just two breaks. Just two.
  3. WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 3

    Just one break...just one!!!!
  4. Have you got your RED on?

    WHOOT!!! No black bead tonight!!! I really hope all my Blackhawk friends kept their receipts for the brooms they bought for me.
  5. Have you got your RED on?

    Hi all. I am not much on posting but I am a fantastic lurker. This is usually the first place I come after a hard day at the office. There is nothing better than reading new posts on the Boys. I love the bracelet idea so I borrowed it. I used a red crystal for every goal scored. I separate the scores with a white/clear crystal when they win and a black crystal for win they lose...DEMMIT!!!! Each series will have a slightly different design to keep them all straight. This has been so much fun. Especially since I live in Chicagoland and am the lone Red Wing fan pretty much everywhere I go. I have really enjoyed letting my friends know I am adding a new bracelet while the Hawks are adding another bag tag to their golf clubs! Thanks for all the fun.
  6. The person below me game...

    No attack messages. TPBM would get more laughs being watched watching a hockey game than on stage at a comedy club.
  7. The person below me game...

    Well my husband (not a fan) thinks Hockey talk is a foreign language. I took German in high school but lost most of that knowledge somewhere. TPBM has wants a new puppy to name after a Red Wing player.
  8. I know it's been done before, but thought I would add my take on it.