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  1. At least it wasn't Malkin.
  2. Lemeiux wouldn't let him leave home.
  3. Conspiracy.
  4. Jean Beliveau with some props for the Wings. I like it.
  5. Buying the whole league. That's one way to get the player you want.
  6. Bettman received the least amount of applause.
  7. Uh oh, A.O. making fun of Datsyuk's English.
  8. Agreed.
  9. Draper's daughter pooped in it last year. That's no better.
  10. I wouldn't call it a speech problem when he pronounces every other word correctly except for Pavel Datsyuk and Detroit Red Wings. Again, I never mentioned Vladdy, so it is ridiculously inappropriate to insinuate that I would say the same about him. I may be new to this site, but that does not give you the right to use childish name calling in answering a qwuestion. You joined this site April 24, 2004, but I have already shown way more class than you have over your 5 year membership.
  11. I agree. I can really do without all of the bad music. This show could easily be an hour long.
  12. And the octopus makes it!
  13. I think you're the one that needs to stop. I am entitled to my opinion without being belittled by you.
  14. No. Luooooooo... Kind of like what we did for Luc Robitaille.
  15. Poor choice of font then.