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  1. Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    You can't really say what would have happened. The Pens unravelled and lost their cool after the 2rd goal and the result was tons of uncalled for lack of disipline penalties. The Wings scored on the resulting powerplays (or shorly thereafter). The Wings outplayed the Pens, no doubt.
  2. Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    Same call they made for the Wings first power play in Game 5, almost the exact same play.
  3. Props to Scuderi

    Ahhh yea, about that. Zetterberg should take a lesson from Scuderi on how to **legally** handle the the puck and block a shot inside crease as a defensesive player. The key is block, deflect, and let the goalie cover; not smother wiht your hands and lay on the puck with your body. Zetterberg's move deserved two penalty shots, Scuderi's moves deserves two shots of Jack Daniels.
  4. Penguins Barely Survive for 1 More

    there that "class" word is. I'd wager there hasn't been class in your lineage for centuries. Of course I'll "stick around" no matter what happens on Friday. I love this game and I am becoming fond of this board. stepping on your neck every few days is just a bonus.
  5. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    I brought up "old news" to add perspective the the "old news" you brought up. Sure, Z did what anyone would do, it is still a penalty that is supposed to result in a penalty shot. I'd say it not getting called twice is as lucky or luckier than any thing you listed. Plus, seeing as how both might have turned Red Wing home wins into possible losses in a series that hasn't seen a road win; I'd say those two lucky breaks are huge. I forgot about the huge NHL conspiracy against the Red Wings, my bad. You do know you brought up "old news" first, right?
  6. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    Zetterberg's TWO uncalled covering the puck in the crease: Games 1 and 2. 'member them?
  7. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    Let me walk you through this, little guy. Step One: Wings Fan praises Pens if they win. Step Two: Wings Fan claims Bettman is in on a fix. Step Three: I relply about the Bettman claim --on topic and relevent to the discussion. P.S. As for the other Pens fan calling me out? So what? Just because he likes the same team as me doesn't mean he is the voice of reason. Who knows he might be as dumb as you (looks that way). Step Four: You and other chase me for what you call trolling -- Off topic and not relevent to the discussion and my relevent replies. You see who is trolling? I bet you don't. Instead of derailing this thread even more, PM me if you would like to discuss it further. You might possibly learn a thing or two, dummy.
  8. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    Ok. So my intent is not to disrupt and I am posting on-topic and relevent replies (that you personally don't like), so I am not a troll. Maybe you should reread the definition; as quickly as you like.
  9. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    I know how to spell my own last name, thanks.
  10. There's Something About Mellon

    Thanks. I missed that.
  11. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    bait? You lay bait to entice a reply. I reply to comments that others post. That ain't baitin', son.
  12. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    I would not, could not, get sent to the box. I could not, would not, because Bettman is a fox I will not take a silly dive I will not fail to slash on a power play drive I will not worry 'bout here nor there I will not 'bout a cross checking care Because I know the Pens have a man That has a cup win already in the can
  13. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    Nothing about how I am posting is trolling. This board needs to learn what trolling is. Calling out a poster on a ridiculous post or idea is not trolling. Posting a mocking reply that is on topic and lacing it with some funny barbs is not trolling. You tend to claim trolling when you don't like what another poster has to say. Technically, you are trolling me more than I am trolling the board. But, I can deal with it.
  14. If the Pens pull this off on Friday....

    I hope you have a minimum wage job; Lord know syou shouldn't be in charge of anything important or worthwhile. Tell me, do the home teams supply the refs for the game? Tell me, did the Wings also win every game this series on home ice? Tell me, did the Pens not turn Game 4 around with a short handed goal? Tell me, did the Wings not have two power plays in the third period last night? Tell me, did you even think about your contradictory thought before you hit the button to post it.