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  1. I think from Hossa signing the Chicago now command, it is which necessary to beat in the West. The young forwards with their group in the composition and veterans they where the Penguins were a little years ago. Redwings by another year Star, is less the bombardier of purpose 40, and they slant in order to be Islanders 1982-1983. Pens against the Hawks in 2010 Pens of final examinations ..... in 6.
  2. Da.
  3. It is final, someone on this board obtains it. You will be more best without it!
  4. the idea that of hossa or any player will sign on discount $2m it is absurd. that is no discount, that foolishness! arrogant to think as this why the fans of redwings hated around leagues.
  5. From the parade today into Pittsburgh. http://lh5.ggpht.com/_3BG0WAsfMCY/SjatBx2v...ead%20Wings.JPG
  6. Fans it is wing here finally they sank under Flyers' fans. Exactly is pitiful!
  7. I just copyright Hockeytahn -- F Hockeytown.
  8. But you also had a feeling that Redwings they will win last of night too. The feeling of didn' t develop so in the best way so I' m without expecting this feeling in order to work too in the best way.
  9. Completely money go to Detroit by hockey any of nothings therefore they must propose to large stimulus for those to bequeath to accept penguins.
  10. To complain about the judge- referee of what those lost always make.
  11. Oh therefore Penguins have no opinion in the matter? If they play as s*** tomorrow, then as they made in game 5 after this which somehow a precept to Redwing sublimity?
  12. He exactly is angry that they they are inserted with the bunch of stiffs as Gomez which NO ONE will want on its wage and doomed in order to be weak command for the next years.
  13. Not snowball chance in hell.
  14. No skill Hal Gill