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  1. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    So glad they abandoned the ugly pigeon logo from the 90s. This logo and the Penguins name just fits so well. They play in an Igloo. The city's colors are black & gold and so are all of our teams. There's a golden triangle in the background to represent the city often used as a nickname for Pittsburgh. Even the mascot is named Iceburgh. Best thing about the Pens.. there's no red in their uniforms. What's with every team using red as their primary color these days. I saw way too many red jerseys the last 3 series with the Caps, then Canes, and finally Wings.. all we were missing was an opening series against the Devils.
  2. Congratulations to your team for a great finals series

    The Pens played the boards better all seires. Keeping it to the sides and behind the nest 9 times out of 10 left Detroit with either a sloppy shot or a turnover. It really helped avoid all that crease traffic the Wings seem to need to get going. It seemed to take 2 guys just to get 1 Penguin off the puck along the walls. All that defense didn't seem to help once we got it in your zone, along the blueline though, the Wings were great. Oh.. to the guy crying about Lids salty balls, we did have Gonchar playing through a torn MCL you know..
  3. So, Crosby has his cup..

    Even if it weren't copyrighted it's poor taste to want it. I feel embarassed as a Pens fan hearing people say that. Hockeytown is Detroit's thing.. Pittsburgh's back to The City of Champions now anyway. To the OP's point.. as a Pens fan I myself get sick of the Crosby nonsense too. Not so much from the media though.. it's from every single fan site I visit of other teams where they're talking about Crosby ad nauseum. Oddly enough the point is usually about how sick they are of hearing of him yet they can't help themselves.
  4. The only thing that gives me any comfort...

    I was at game 6 last year and don't recall hearing a single boo at the Igloo..
  5. 11 Stanley cups for Detroit... 3 for Pittsburgh...

    Can't get to 12 without starting with 3. I've had to indure every one of the last 17 years since our last one. I'm just happy to get to see them hold another in my lifetime. I don't think anyone is comparing our 3 to what the Wings have had over so many years.
  6. How sad are you at the moment?

    OK.. I know you're in pain but that's just stupid.
  7. How sad are you at the moment?

    Maybe this Pens team got revenge for now, but it's still only 1-1 for our teams now in recent years. This win doesn't take anything from what happened last year.. you got one on our ice and now we got one on yours. All we need now is to see the tie breaker next year!
  8. Why try to make this about the refs? It was a great series with both teams having their chances to take it. My hat's off to the Wings and all of you fans. You have an amazing coach and a great team. The last 2 years of SCF have been great to see as a hockey fan! Our recent teams are only even up now with their wins.. let's hope for a best of 3 rematch next year guys!
  9. Lastchange,Matchup's the key?

    What did Hank do in 3, 4, & 6?
  10. How can anyone blame the Refs for any of the Wings' losses?

    Whichever you're trying to say.. either way it's nothing the Wings haven't been doing. This threads not for crying about the refs though, right?
  11. How can anyone blame the Refs for any of the Wings' losses?

    I'm not going to blame the outcome of game 5 on penalties.. Pens should have kept playing the way they did in the 1st. It's just an example of a game where nothing in the penalty department went in their favor. Since so many are nit-picking the series apart it seemed odd game 5 wasn't being mentioned. It is 1 of the 3 wins the Wings have and had more calls than any other game so far.
  12. How can anyone blame the Refs for any of the Wings' losses?

    I wouldn't call the 2nd period the end of the game.. and the blowout didn't come before the penalties, it was the result of them. 3 of the Wings 5 goals came from those penalties in the 2nd. The Hawks game 4 isn't even close to how this one played out. Point is the game was an example of how penalties were heavily in the Wings favor. Out of 3 Wings wins.. that's how they got 1 of them. Regardless of who thinks what was a good call in this series that game really stands out as being dictated by the whiste, and it hated the Pens that night.
  13. How can anyone blame the Refs for any of the Wings' losses?

    I don't think you're getting it. While it's touchy I agree, what you refer to is not interference. This instructs that even after the player dumps the puck, there is a breif time they are considered "in possesion" and legally hittable. The question remains how long does possesion without the puck last and does seem to be subjective at times. Either way it absolutely does happen both ways.. watch what happens to the Pens when they try to dump like that.
  14. How can anyone blame the Refs for any of the Wings' losses?

    Snagged this from Tuesday's game notes. Thought it was funny and sort of belonged in this thread: Had it been the other way and the Pens done this I have a feeling I'd be reading about it in this thread.
  15. Lastchange,Matchup's the key?

    I expect Malkin and Crosby to see the most time they've had yet in this series. May be why they were limited on time in game 6 to keep fresh. Much more of the both of them on shifts together and changes to the 4th line. Detroit trying to play to the Pens matchup rather than dictating their own at times has really opened opportunities for the Pens. I'd like to see the Pens go back to their 11-7 and really try to exploit this. I really like the trouble the Pens 3rd line has been giving the Wings lately, if they keep it up the double shifts of Malkin/Crosby may spell good things for the Pens in 7.