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  1. I'm an outsider but I honestly always believed Wings could come back; especially given how close the first 3 losses were. That's why I bet them when they were down 3-0 and getting 50:1 odds to win the Cup(my eyes almost popped out of my head). This team has too much damn talent and character to not take a shot at those odds down 3-0 or not.
  2. That game was incredible. I can't remember pulling for a team that hard before that wasn't a Pittsburgh team. Lidstrom had just been such a privilege to watch and I want to see him terrorize the Canucks. I'm guessing about 36-37 hours before history is made!
  3. Sorry, my mistake. Got caught up in the excitement and realized after the fact it was dumb to start new thread. Anyway, great game!
  4. I've watched more playoff hockey this year than any year before. Seen every team play. Trust me as an outsider, Wings are winning the Cup. Boston might give you a a few headaches if they beat Tampa but you're gonna roll the Canucks and Luongo. Sedin Brothers are going to put to shame by the Detroit crew.
  5. Congratulations. You guys should be very proud of your team.
  6. Can't stand the Sharks. Wings are team of destiny this year. What a fricking game!
  7. No fricking call on stick in Howard's face!
  8. lgw

    As a hockey fan I want to see this team keep playing. Go Wings!!!
  9. Wings-Canucks would be awesome series but I think Wings would take them in 6 games max- especially with momentum coming off this comeback provided they don't suffer any more devastating injuries.
  10. Hey I learned to respect this Wings team a great deal watching them up close in 2008-2009- which is why I put a few bucks on them when they were down 3-0 to Sharks at 50:1 to win the Cup. I really do think you guys have a huge goaltending advantage with Howard over Niemi- especially now when pressure is adding up. I also think ESPN and everyone talking about Lidstrom's farewell tour is working to your advantage pyschologically. Go Wings!!!!
  11. in the 3rd period Sunday night. Been watching a lot of hockey and perhaps best period of hockey I've seen this playoff season. There seemed to be a paradigm shift and Wings just took game to another level. In a few days will we be talking about the 4th team to come back from 3-0? I think so. Go Wings!!! Also- I think Niemi is going to be soft the rest of the series.
  12. Snazzy- just so you know- my knee still ain't the same from that night back in '99.
  13. LOL on Gretz's nickname. Appreciate the kind words and hope to stay around- a lot of knowledge on these boards.
  14. LOL- great sory Left Winger. You're a couple years older than me so I grew up in same era.
  15. In all honesty Snazzy I don't care and I dont mean that to sound smart but that is just how I feel. I'm a Penguin fan so I generaly like Crosby but if he played for another team maybe I would feel different- who knows? I remember in the early 90s traveling to Canada for a fishing trip and being surprised that a lot of the Canadiens I ran into when finding out I was from Pittsburgh had to tell me how much they hated Lemieux and that he was a whiner and prima donna when compared to Gretzky. I was surprised but couldn't say it really bothered me. Nor would it have much of an impact if opposing fans held one of our key players in high regard. I just like guys who play for the team I root for to perform well on the ice and basically live their personal life as a somewhat respectable citizen.