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  1. Amazingly classless display from the Sharks tonight. I'm surprised that a team coached by an ex-Wings asst. coach plays like that. The Nucks remind me more of the Wings. I'm curious to see if Eager comes back for game 3. And some major kudos to that Nucks fan for showing off her titties. Chris
  2. Definitely rooting for the bolts. I'd love to see Stevie Y get another ring for his collection. Chris
  3. Ah well. Great game, great series, great season. At least they didn't score an EN on us. And you can't blame this game on the refs or lucky bounces. Great game between two great teams, and just like the rest of the series (save game 6) it was a one goal game. Plus, at least we forced 7 games so that the Sharks get no rest. I'll be rooting for the Nucks this weekend. Chris
  4. And now a power play? Goodness. Whatever happens, this game and the series as a whole has been EPIC. Chris
  5. WOW. This game is crazy. This is like clash of the titans tonight. Chris
  6. Say what you want, but the Sharks definitely showed up for this one. Chris
  7. How is that a penalty?
  8. Well, the Sharks were complaining about Too Many Men non-calls... Chris
  9. I am actually at a Holiday Inn Express right now. In Phoenix, AZ (which I think is officially the biggest s***hole on the planet.) Watching the game streaming online since GOD FORBID any of these places get more than like 10 cable channels. Chris
  10. Hopefully Babcock puts the lines back to what they were in game 6 during intermission. I really don't get why he tweaked the lineup at all. Chris
  11. We're looking better now, and another PP on the way. Chris
  12. Wow. Sharks definitely have some momentum right now... Chris
  13. I PMed you a link like 10 mins ago. Chris
  14. Honestly, considering that the Sharks are playing at home and are trying to prevent becoming a part of history in a very bad way, I don't think the ice has been tilted in their direction at all. I expected an early push from them, but the two teams seem evenly matched right now, and I don't think that bodes well for SJ. Chris
  15. Clowe just got CLEARIFIED! Chris