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  1. I'm with this guy.... f*** Him. Wow I do feel better.
  2. your english is fine my friend. Flat.....yes This sucks.
  3. I'm in. LETS GO WINGS!!!
  4. Got by with 12 this time. And at least 2 of those were by my choosing. I thank you and my liver thanks you!!!! LETS GO WINGS!!!
  5. Did Dats help or was it inevitable?
  6. Like I said..... Ozzy did good. MVP.....I'm thinkin LETS GO WINGS!!!
  7. I'm with this guy!! LETS GO WINGS!!!
  8. Sorry.......thats all I got. LETS GO WINGS!!!
  9. lgw

    This guys beat me to it. LETS GO WINGS!!!
  10. LETS GO WINGS!!!
  11. Ok clearly this guy is an a-hole. If you got no stake in the game then what are the chances you found this message board to express how much you could care less. I say eat one sir!!! That is all. LETS GO WINGS!!!
  12. Ok ...... 8 by my choosing this time. That's more like it.
  13. Looky here. Cindy is an A-hole. No surprise....just showing his true colors. Basically your seeing the difference between class and immaturity.
  14. Good call. We have nothing left to prove at this point. LETS GO WINGS!!!
  15. Zetty OMG This is why I'm a RED WING FAN!!! LETS GO WINGS!!!