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  1. How sad are you at the moment?

    I think I would've been a lot worse if we had lost 2-0. I'm not sad at all now, I'm just excited. Excited now that we're even, and if, by the off-chance it happens, we meet each other for the cup next year.. Oh, boy.
  2. Marian Hossa, merged

    All this talk about "Hossa is going to explode!" Looked more like he was ice skating at my local rink on a Sunday morning. I say get Hossa out, and do something with Stuart.
  3. Class and Hockey.

    I smiled when the original post went straight over most people's heads.
  4. Do you think the Penguins will even be able to survive to game 7?
  5. G5 Rating

    Osgood 8.5 Lidstrom 7.5 Rafalski 7 Stuart 6 Kronwall 7 Lebda 6 Ericsson 6 Zetterberg 8.5 Datsyuk 8.5 Hossa 7 Franzen 7 Cleary 7.5 Holmstrom 7 Filppula 7.5 Hudler 6 Samuelsson 7 Draper 6.5 Maltby 6.5 Helm 7
  6. Describe Game 5 in one word

  7. Describe Game 5 in one word

  8. Beating on Helm?

    Why in the world were they beating on Helm? He wasn't practically doing anything! Too close to the goalie or something? Give me a break. The idiots deserved what they got: a penalty, a penalty goal against them, and even more embarrassment. That was uncalled for, especially when the guy starts hitting on Helm even after Helm doesn't punch back.
  9. Best Game 7

    Anyone have a video of game 7 against Av's? I haven't seen it for a while.
  10. Here we go boys

    Wings in 7. We're not winning on their ice, and it'd be nice to see the boys raise the cup at home.