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  1. Hey guys its me Pavel from the Redwings. Don't worry, at least I can still DANNNGLE DANNNGLE
  2. "lets go vedvings!" - Hudler 08
  3. just hurd rumors that wings are making a pitch to richards #inyourdreams
  4. where are the Kaberle rumors...I haven't heard any talk what so ever today?
  5. lets bring back draper, its basically all that we can do with our budget right?
  6. you know we should just offer filps 10 years 55 mil whos with me???
  7. How hard can it be to trade Hudler to the Panthers..there taking everyone...just offer him up for like a 5-6 rounder
  9. At least we got the Lions? O, wait.
  10. If you guys think Holland is going to sign someone to a contract well of 7 million a year, then I dont consider any of you real Wings Fans #getagriponreality