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  1. RFA/UFA Signings

    Hey guys its me Pavel from the Redwings. Don't worry, at least I can still DANNNGLE DANNNGLE
  2. RFA/UFA Signings

    "lets go vedvings!" - Hudler 08
  3. RFA/UFA Signings

    just hurd rumors that wings are making a pitch to richards #inyourdreams
  4. RFA/UFA Signings

    where are the Kaberle rumors...I haven't heard any talk what so ever today?
  5. RFA/UFA Signings

    lets bring back draper, its basically all that we can do with our budget right?
  6. RFA/UFA Signings

    you know we should just offer filps 10 years 55 mil whos with me???
  7. RFA/UFA Signings

    How hard can it be to trade Hudler to the Panthers..there taking everyone...just offer him up for like a 5-6 rounder
  8. RFA/UFA Signings

  9. RFA/UFA Signings

    At least we got the Lions? O, wait.
  10. RFA/UFA Signings

    If you guys think Holland is going to sign someone to a contract well of 7 million a year, then I dont consider any of you real Wings Fans #getagriponreality