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  1. will never forget thornton being an idiot here
  2. if only the blues played chelsea dagger during the handshake line
  3. gdt

    are we the worst team at clearing the zone?
  4. GDT

    so still think blashill is better than babs?
  5. gdt

    we need babcock back
  6. GDT

    Has holland tried to trade glendening to the leafs for a 1st round pick?!
  7. how is the trade involving glendening for a first rounder working out?
  8. can he strengthen groins?
  9. Signed

    This is for those want Holland to add size. 6-4, 221lbs
  10. Signed

    ken campbell says done deal
  11. McKenzie jsut tweeted Green to detroit, 3 years
  12. eddie was incredulous over the goalie interference call on versteeg
  13. edzo claiming Fil interefered with his duncan keith on the goal!
  14. NHL just doesnt want an anaheim TB finals
  15. if only the Honda Center would play chelsea dagger after the OT goal