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  1. Scott Krist

  2. Semin

    10 million to play in the KHL sounds good on paper, but you have to take other factors into account. I'm sure Semin would rather accept less to play in the NHL. KHL you have to deal with more unknowns.
  3. Evander Kane is a Better Option than Zach Parise

    There is no valid evidence anywhere to suggest that Kane's rights are going to be traded, as far as an offer sheet goes, I doubt it. Actually I am from Atlanta and I know a woman who Kane had a "fling" with, and she insists that he does not like it in Winnipeg, but of course that's just what she says. No doubt Kane would look good with a Winged Wheel though!
  4. 11/24 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Thrashers 5

    I will be there also, section 116. Usually more Red Wing fans then Thrashers fans at these games.
  5. Atlanta's Attendance Last Night

    You were thinking right before and you must have looked at population numbers for Atlanta proper and not the metro area. Atlanta is, in fact the 9th largest metro area in the united states. Atlanta itself has less then 1 million population, but the metro area has a population of almost 6 million. It's not that Atlanta doesn't have the population to support these teams it's because people for whatever reason simply choose not to support their teams unless of course it's the Georgia bull dogs football team. As an Atlanta resident (moved here from Michigan 7 years ago) I will definitely confirm that the state of the economy has had a big effect on us here. Anyways I'll be going to see the wings play the thrashers in November and I'm sure it'll be 70% wings fans to 30% thrashers. Lol
  6. Chris Osgood message board poster?

    I'm not going to debate whether or not that was actually Osgood because it really doesn't matter. I'm sure players from all the major sports browse message boards, I know I would if I were a player. To have some dude make claims about your character is part of the job, but what makes this situation unique is that some of the things hockeyrocks was saying easily bordered on stalking. I know if it involved just myself I wouldn't be too worried, but if it ivolved my family you can be sure I'd take notice pretty quickly. It would be easy to sit here and say "Oh, damn Pens fans what a bunch of losers!", and while that may be true this guy is going above and beyond what most ordinary idiotic forum members would. Oh! . . .And then there was that time Fleury kicked my dog! What a bastard!!!
  7. Kenny says Abdelkader is ready

    Are we gonna gain all the offense we lost back? Highly doubtful! I still think the outcome you're painting here isn't quite so bleak. First of all The Red Wings defense was NOT up to standard last season and I for one expect a better effort this year. Secondly It is not unreasonable to expect better numbers from some of our roster players next year. This team managed without Hossa in 2008 and they can do it again in 2010. If the penalty kill and overall defense is better which I don't think is too much to expect there shouldn't be a huge issue. Samuelsson will be missed, but there comes a time when you have to let go and I think most people more or less expected this.
  8. Mikael Samuelsson signs with Vancouver

    I was never very fond of Samuelsson but never the less I do hate to see him go he was a part or something very great. I wish him luck in Vancouver.
  9. Conklin signs with the Blues

    What is it with the Blues always signing former Red Wing goalies? I say they should bring back Grant Fuhr!
  10. boo hossa?

    LOL! I do that to all former Red Wings when they leave.
  11. boo hossa?

    Everyone here talks about how people should ALWAYS want to take less money to pay for the mighty Red Wings. Look, I love the wings and I think all players should want to play here, but I also understand that money is an important factor. I can't sit here and honestly say that if I had Hossa's talent I wouldn't take an offer for more money to play somewhere else. When someone flashes a contract for millions of dollars in your face it's gonna be hard to say no.
  12. boo hossa?

    I personally wouldn't boo Hossa. He took more money, good for him. I have no ill feelings towards him. He came in and did his job and left. The only reason he didn't stay was because they couldn't afford him.
  13. Headaches worse for Red Wings' Andreas Lilja

    LOL Those chicks are the only thing that makes going to Atlanta Thrashers games entertaining. Except when the Wings come to town once a decade
  14. Headaches worse for Red Wings' Andreas Lilja

    It's probably not the smartest thing, but in hockey in my opinion fighting is relatively healthy. At least it's not like in other sports where the players all attack each other with no regard.
  15. What will..

    Cherry pepsi is good stuff! I'll be sticking with Miller Lite tonight though, and as per tradition I drink one shot for every goal the wings score. I was pretty drunk Game 5 and holy hell Game 7 of the 2002 Conference Finals had me going too!