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  1. Holland: Defense is set, waiting for cap figure

    sorry i havent filtered through these posts to see what others are saying past the fourth one but honest to god people! Hoss is one of the best players today and he didnt loose the cup final, everyone did. Now lets chant his name as well as everyone elses and get a f@cking ralley going for next year!!! Hossa CAN bring it and he WILL bring it...if he signs, just lets stick together and bring this thing back home! PS- lets let sammy, malts, hudler and drapes go, bring up abdelkler, leino and helm plus one scorer with the moneys left over.
  2. Marian Hossa Discussions

    Honestly you guys need to relax...who scored tonite Drapes, ya thought so!! Hoss is playing hard out there as are most of the other guys (though sammy and kronner seem to want crosgay to raise the cup). It all comes down to Friday night! And the guys who are suppost to bring it better just bring it!!!! Nuff said
  3. Freezing the foot...?

    Freezing means getting a needle injection to numb out the pain...not sure if anyone remembers doug gilmour playing with a broken foot for the leafs back in the day come playoff time and he'd get a shot in the middle of periods!! These guys are machines! So I trust my game six to pavel...u should too
  4. Hossa scores Cup clinching goal?

    LOL the really funny part is...he STILL doesnt get it!!! hahahaha Go Wings