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  1. Chelios apparently thought Joe Elliot did that on purpose just to be a dick.
  2. I'm just glad Illitch didn't whip it out and smack Bettman across the face with it. That's what the little ***** deserves.
  3. He got slammed into the boards by...wait for it, Lappy.
  4. I only know what I read.
  5. I personally don't think our guys would have been as banged up as they were if we had a deterrent factor like Lappy to sort things out. I know I wouldn't spear Lids in the nuts if I knew Laperriere was going to bash my skull in for doing it.
  6. Bettman all the way.
  7. That's all he had to say but he chose to take a different route.
  8. I think Detroit has the best chance of getting any player at a discount. Players love the organization.
  9. You have Mr. Bettman to thank for that.
  10. Agreed. It's not like anyone was watching Crosby's every move or that he had anything to prove about his perceived maturity level.. Honestly, Crosby had a chance to prove a lot of his critics wrong by showing a level of character that he apparently didn't possess. I guess that's why Crosby handed the cup off to the actual captain of the team.
  11. Were we watching the same series or are you just a ****** bag?
  12. It's about respect. Respect for the game, the history, and the cup. Your "captain" proved his critics right with his response to Draper anyways. Enjoy the summer...and we'll expect the cup returned to us in the same condiction in which you got it.
  13. I'm sure they'd love to hear from us. (412)882-6788
  14. Werd.