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  1. Respect to Penguins

    I'm a Habs fan, but I actually do think that the Wings are far superior to any other team. That doesn't make me a "Wingtard", just someone who can recognize a talented team....I have never been a "fan" of the Wings, but I sure as heck respect them a great deal! Especially this year. And NO RESPECT to Cindy!
  2. Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    How do you report a "nudge, nudge, wink, wink"? When there's no real paper trail? How often do you really see the refs being interviewed after the game by reporters? Never! That's why we'll never know with a certainty if my claim is right or yours. Until we are actually privy to certain information you can't really rule out the possibility either....And it is this gray area that makes these boards fun places for debate
  3. Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    Do you think that maybe, just maybe, even with the remotest possibility, that the refs were given a mandate to "help" extend the series in order for the NHL to gain more viewership (or whatever money-related motive you want to insert here)? Forget that its about crosby being the golden goose for a second. Just look at the penalties in the last game. Det was not awarded a penalty, despite many infractions by the Pens, until it looked like the Pens had the game well in hand. Then did you see the whistles come out for Det by the refs. As I watched the game, I was like "why are the refs not calling anything against what Pitts is doing?", then as the game was drawing closer to an end did I see 2 penalties called against Pitts. It just looked too "convenient" that the calls were halfway through the 3rd period. I disagree with you that Det's offense wasn't there. True, they didn't have a lot of shots on net, but they had a lot of sustained pressure. I don't think it is a conspiracy to make the Pens win, but I do think that there are some shenanigans going on to extend the series, and in doing so it tends to make Det the victims....Just my 2 cents.
  4. Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    It would seem simple and dry cut wouldn't it? But as an unbiased observer here's what I noticed when I watched the game: - Pens get 2 powerplays as the score is tied - Det gets no penalties called their way as the score is tied - Det FINALLY gets a couple of penalities called their way late in the game ONCE the Pens have the lead ......favoritism perhaps? Maybe yes, maybe no....but something sure doesn't seem right!....and no, I'm not talking about Tyler Kennedy's face.
  5. No one wants this cup more than Crosby

    Too true!
  6. Words that need to be banned from Hockey Vocabulary

    "Monster" "Roof-daddy" "crosby" "Pierre" & "McGuire" "Lower body injury" "Upper body injury"
  7. And the Conn Smythe goes to...

    This is my first post here, as I am a Habs fan. But it was getting pretty quiet over in the Canadiens' forum....Anyway, I have hated Crosby since day one! I can't stand how he being forced upon us like some kind of uber-player! I kind of like the analogy of Crosby being like Blue Cheese. It tastes like crap, but everyone else around you goes on about how good it is...But I digress. theman19, your story reminded me of when I was watching Pens vs Canes. I can't remember which game it was, but my father, who doesn't even know who Crosby is (since he doesn't watch that much hockey), sat down and decided to watch the game with me. There was a 2 on 1 with Crosby and Guerin against a Cane's defenseman. Crosby saucer passed it over to Guerin who ended up scoring...and what do the commentators say immediately after? "What a pass by Crosby!", "Wow, Crosby is just amaaaaazing!".....I was thinking in my head "what the hell? Saucer passes are done throughout every NHL game!", and then my dad says "why are they talking about that Crosby guy? All he did was pass the puck. The other guy scored the goal.".....Having a totally unbaised view voiced outloud is confirmed for me that Crosby is way overrated and he gets way too much attention for doing diddly-squat. My dad was even able to say that "that Malkin guy is better than him". I hope the Wings crush the Pens in game 6, the same as they did in game 5. That will put a smile on my face for the whole summer!