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  1. Interesting quote as Holmer was #15 when he first arrived. He gave up the number in 98 when the Wings acquired Mironov. Bowman was here when Holmer was wearing #15. I think the "[w]hen he first arrived" might be in error.
  2. You can get one made here: Or through the NHL:
  3. Is this what you are looking for? Here is Probert one:
  4. The only frozen four I have been to was at Ford Field. For that you just bought tickets like any other event, ticketmaster.
  5. Draper mentioned in a quote about trying to get him back for it.
  6. Because the Alumni games downtown and then the OHL and AHL games wont help out downtown at all....right.
  7. This is from my ticket rep:
  8. Its by The Product
  9. Some updates:
  10. I would imagine this ordinance probably would be upheld as a reasonable time, place, or manner restriction of free speech.
  11. Ordinances (in the City of Detroit) are passed by the Detroit City Council. And we aren't a democracy, we are a republic.
  12. Not exactly, you could be removed from the game, but not arrested.
  13. It would still violate the City ordinance.
  14. It is a Detroit Ordinance: