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  1. Boogedy

  2. Thank you Matt

    Thanks Matt--fantastic job! GO WINGS!
  3. What You'll Remember Most From This Season?

    Ozzie's awesomeness in the playoffs and Helm's fantastic puck possession runs.
  4. How sad are you at the moment?

    Defintely less depressed than I thought I would be. I feel pretty lucky to have seen my guys win 4 cups (how many others can say that about their team?) We can't win them all, but we can win most. Looking forward to next season!
  5. Win This One For....

    Win it for my dad, who reminds me on a daily basis that Gary Bettman is a d-bag.
  6. I second that--and make sure you have a burger while you're there! As for me, I'll be at my sister's in Troy watching on the big screen in the front yard. I can't deal with all the bandwagon fans in the bars.
  7. I've Got My Socks On!

    I am really nuts with my superstitions (as is my entire family). I have a pair of plain red socks that I've had since the Wings beat the Avs in the WCF in '97. I wear them ONLY during the playoffs and they only get washed if they lose. They have had some smelly streaks. I can only watch the games on FSD or CBC and with certain people in certain places. At home I can only watch with my one friend and husband. At my dad's it can be anyone EXCEPT the one friend I watch with at home. At my sister's, my dad being there is bad luck. I am also really wierd about certain TVs, bathroom breaks, where I and other people are sitting and other ridiculous things. A little OCD I guess.
  8. Hey all--new here! Love your pics and have been sharing them on my Facebook page. Here's mine: Also, I am having the damndest time coming up with something for this: Anybody want to play with it?