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    DRW things I have experienced live:<br /><br />- Three games at the Joe (Game 1, 2, 5 of the 2009 SCF)<br />- Seven games away (2 - Tampa, 3 - Atlanta, Game 4 & 6 First Round 2008 Nashville)<br />- The Russian Five on ice<br />- Fedorov score the game winning OT goal in reg season...twice<br />- Hasek's last start/time on the ice<br />- Abdelkader first two NHL goals<br />- Zetterburg's first NHL fight<br />- 2008 All Star Game in Atlanta (Z was hurt, but Osgood, Lindstrom, Datsyuk and Babcock were there)<br />- I've met and gotten autographs from Osgood, Lindstrom, Datsyuk, Babcock, Kozlov, Redmond, TED LINDSAY<br />- I haven't met, but have autographs from Hull, Fedorov, Bertuzzi

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  1. Wing fans in Atlanta!

    Hey guys!! Just wanted to throw y'all a response since I don't know any Red Wingers in Atlanta, except my friend who I converted. I got her to fall in love with Kozy, so she's loves both teams. Wings/Thrashers final! That would be sick!
  2. I went to game 1, 2 and 5. I prayed it would be over in 5. It should have been over in 5 (read: refs/NHL blow calls in Game 3 and 4). Now I'm pissed I can't make it to Game 7 since I'm in Atlanta and 3 weekends in a row is ridiculous. Maybe in 2010?
  3. Welcome aboard! It was great meeting you at Game 2 of the SCF this year :) I hope you'll love LGW as much as I do! Enjoy!