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  1. would that be referencing a website that says that despite howards stats he is older than s*** and needs blue pills to keep an erection? If I am not mistaken that website also said howard would go 2-20-0 or something too. I really want the +1 kthx.
  2. Why did this image get deleted??? I posted it yesterday. If you delete it again pls pm me and tell me why?
  3. Just the first to to get me started. and
  4. Preds just tied 5:53 third 2-2
  5. CBS has the wings at power ranking #1
  6. Wings and kings tomorrow - we would be one point out of 5th still and still be a point up on the avs. We would only be one point behind the preds with a game in hand... I think everyone agrees NO MORE THREE POINT GAMES
  7. I had a 50 dollar future 3 years (I think) back when the wings were 9/1 to win the cup at the start of the playoffs -- the year lilja really fudged up and gave the puck away in front of hasek... It was hard because I wanted the wings to win just to win but then I had money on it too. I might do it again my sports book only has them at 12/1 though... but that still a great buy.
  8. Barring a complete f*** up from dallas in the last 8 minutes I think you are correct.
  9. Make that 4-2 at the 15 mn mark
  10. It needs to be game time already. Eff.
  11. I'll give all 15 plus shipping if I can get a pic of him wearing it.