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  1. Crosby the greatest?

  2. Setoguchi

    Unfortunately no. Those were made from youtube play/pausing. :/
  3. Setoguchi

  4. WCSF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    Detroit - 0 San Jose - 0 Referees - 1
  5. Chance of winning Friday

    I'm pretty sure of a win. When the Pens play their absolute best at home. They beat us by 1 or two goals, while we often score the first 1 or 2. When we play our absolute best at home. We shut/blow out the Pens by 5.
  6. Darren Helm Appreciation

    This kid is going to be signed one way or another. He's got a starting position waiting for him somewhere...and maybe a 2nd or 3rd line position with the Wings if they sign him...which I hope to god they do. I love watching this kid skate. He's super hungry, and I think the rest of our AHL guys feed off of that too.
  7. Bench Rafalski

    I thought Kronwall needed to ride the pine after Game 4 and all of the crap he gave up. Then he came back in game 5 and put it in the net through 3 Penguins. I was just like "Yeah...He owed us that."
  8. SCF GAME 6 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Penguins 2

    Personally, I felt the refs had a bit of selective whistle blowing. They gave the Pens 2 power plays from the get-go. I'm really starting to question whether or not the Neutral Zone linesman should be able to call penalties like goaltender interference, as Zetterberg was clearly pushed into Fleury by one of Fleury's own teammates. I can live with the tripping call. That happens. They also neglected to call interference quite a few times tonight...which I can see most of the time due to it being the Playoffs...but the hit on Datsyuk in the second period was as blatant as they come, and I was pretty amazed that it wasn't whistled on. I'm hoping for a game 7 Detroit home victory, as I want the folks at the Joe to get the joy of seeing the Wings win the cup there, but I'd prefer if it was game 5, instead of 7. Anything can happen, and by some stroke of luck/god...the Pens could pull off an upset akin to the Giants vs. Pats. I'm really hoping that some of the broadcasting companies will come around though, after a series like this. I'm really starting to hate NBC's bias toward Pittsburgh, and trying to market Crosby. I can't begin to say how much that "Star Cam" crap upsets me. I think they've had Malkin/Crosby in it the whole time, and once in Game 2, they had Zetterberg/Crosby. It's just absolutely retarded, and I can't see it helping the image of a struggling league. Might as well bring back the NHL on FOX and FoxTrax along with it.