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  1. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    Yeah, that's about it right there. 7 of the Wings cups were won over 50 years ago, when only six teams were in the league. That argument doesn't hold a lot of weight. As far as the Crosby issue goes, nobody on either side of the Pens/Wings fence will ever see eye-to-eye on it. However, the crying that Draper and Zetterberg have been doing about the Crosby-handshake matter isn't going unnoticed in the national media. Today, the LA Times comments on it: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/sports_blo.../06/crosby.html
  2. Another thread full of crybaby Wingtards. What a surprise. Just be glad that your favorite team doesn't suck as bad as you do.
  3. Win This One For....

    I reckon it is more like vultures that are circling a carcass.
  4. Why the wings will win

    I don't really think you can make the argument that the Wings could have won games 3 or 4. You could try, but I don't think it's very valid. On the surface, the odds are stacked against the Pens, and all your stats there are right. However, stats and trends don't win hockey games. We'll see how it plays out on the ice tonight. I myself have a good feeling about this one.
  5. Why the wings will win

    Deal. If the Wings win tonight, I will make one final post stating that I was completely wrong and misread this series entirely, and then I will never post again. If the Pens win, I won't be around here rubbing it in either. I'm just offering up some friendly hockey banter. No offense is intended.
  6. Lidstrom's Real Injury

    Wow! I didn't think Lidstrom had testicles.
  7. Why the wings will win

    I guess if making animal comparisons makes you feel better, fine. But I think you're just in denial. Let's face it... The Pens have largely outplayed the Wings for 5 out the 6 games thus far. The Pens could have easily won Games 1 or 2. The Pens have won 3 of the last 4 games. The Wings needed 12 powerplays to put up a decisive win. Tonight, the Pens will put the cap on this thing. Sid will skate around the Joe with the Cup, and the Wings fans will be visibly upset. It's a fitting way for the Wings to exit the national stage. The run is over, and the end is beginning.
  8. Win This One For....

    Lose it because....you're just not that good anymore.
  9. Refs favor Crosby Malkin

    You guys realize that the players aren't even real right? They are robots that are remotely controlled from the office in Toronto. They are even programmed to give generic hockey responses for post-game interviews, like "We just need to play our game." or "We just need to get the puck on net.".
  10. Fact of the matter is

    I'm just glad the Pens stepped up and played the Wings tough in this series. It's Game 7 now, and all bets are off. Everybody here in Vaginatown will be on the edge of their seat tonight. If the Pens pull this off, it will be the greatest sporting event I will have ever witnessed. Seeing Crosby skate around the JLA with the Cup would be priceless.
  11. Win This One For....

    Man, the Wingtards are out in full force today aren't they?
  12. Win This One For....

    Yeah, I kind of left myself open for that one, didn't I?
  13. Over/Under

    This would be the single greatest moment in the NHL. He is the ultimate ******.
  14. The scene at Hockeytown tonight

    I don't know if 5pm is early enough, if you're planning on going to Hockeytown. That place will be nuts. Really though, any bar in metro Detroit will be packed tonight. I can already feel the buzz around here today, and many people took the whole day off here at my office. Gotta love it. I'll be keeping my black & gold ass at home tonight. If the Pens win, I don't want to be anywhere near a mass of drunk Wings fans.