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  1. Dr. Snacks

  2. How frequent do you guys go to games?

    I was a little bit hockey spoiled as a kid. My dad has had season tickets since the 80s, and he used to take me to 15-20 games a season and most of the home playoff games. Plus I live about 35 minutes from JLA, so it's easy for me to get there. Unfortunately, I don't go nearly as much these days. So far this season I have been to one pre-season game, the home opener against Chicago, and our first meeting with the LA Kings. (Also hockeyfest and the season ticket holder autograph signing thing which was pretty sweet). The next Wings' game I'm going to is a week from this Saturday in Montreal. I am stupid excited to see the Wings play at the Bell Centre. Hopefully, I'll get to several more games this season, but, if not, watching hockey at home in HD is just fine with me
  3. Is Johan Franzen actually King Leonidas?

    Seriously, this made my night. Thanks man. Nice South Park reference btw. 300 is actually a meaningful number to the Wings. It's the total number of penalty minutes given out in the last period of the famous brawl between the Wings and the Avs in 1997 - the year no Wings' fan will ever forget. That rivalry helped feed our hunger for the glory of obtaining Lord Stanley's Cup.
  4. Marian Hossa, merged

    He lost, and the circumstances made it pretty ironic, but that doesn't mean he should be labeled an epic failure. Epic fail = you should be ashamed of yourself. I don't see it that way. It's not like he knew there would be a rematch for this year's SCF and decided to jump ship. He wanted to be somewhere he felt he could win, but it certainly wasn't a guarantee. What happened is definitely humbling for him, and I think he will be all the better for it. Of course he chose option 1, but if option 2 happens for him some day, it will be much sweeter, and he'll appreciate it so much more - even if he doesn't think so right now.
  5. Marian Hossa, merged

    I don't see where the epic fail is. There is nothing shameful about losing with dignity. Marian Hossa chose to come here and play with the Red Wings, and he also chose to suffer whatever consequences came his way as a result of his choice. Things didn't end up the way he would have liked them to, but I personally think that will make winning sweeter for him in the end. The past is written, it's done. What matters now is the future. I suggest you stop dwelling on the past and move forward.
  6. I <3 Zetterberg

  7. Marian Hossa, merged

    What's a sweeter victory: 1.) Winning a Cup right off the bat with a team you just joined. 2.) Winning a Cup with a team you have suffered through defeat with, and then coming back to fight with your entire heart to finally win a Cup with the teammates you've grown to love like brothers. I'd take number 2 for sure. Remind you of 1997 at all? We lost the year before to the avs in the WCF and they went on to win The Cup. The next year we came back with a vengeance, (the cheap shot on Draper, the Brawl on 3/26, losing to them in the playoffs), and ended up winning The Cup for the first time in 42 years. The emotions, the painful defeat in previous years, facing our rivals and finally coming out on top, the bonds between the players - it made for what was probably the sweetest Wings' victory in our time. Who wouldn't want to experience a victory of that magnitude? Cap space aside, I hope Hossa sticks around and gets to experience a Stanley Cup win with the Wings that is much, much sweeter than he originally hoped for.
  8. So, Crosby has his cup..

    Try to win The Cup again? Hope the pens are swept in the first round next year....I know it won't happen, but it's still a great thought.
  9. I <3 Zetterberg

    I couldn't agree more with this statement. I can't wait to see Helmer play next year and watch his skills continue to develop, (along with that blazing speed!). He has a great future ahead of him in the NHL. Also, I'll probably have to buy a Zetterberg jersey when they make Hank captain
  10. Who is gonna chicken out?

    Game 7 of the Anaheim series was hard to watch, but Darren Helm's breakaway goal, and Dan Cleary's GW made up for all the anxiety. I just hope to God it doesn't go to overtime on Friday night. I don't even want to think about thinking about it. Also, something something brand new; first day.