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  1. Hossa to have surgery...

    I have a question: Do you think, that his injury cost Detroit Stanley Cup? Noboby wanted to make a surgery, because 7 mil. is a lot of money for just part of the season. But: Health first in hockey as in life i think. Detroit could have healthy and strong Hossa for playoffs, when two other key players were injured. Nobody knows, if he were under his play for this reason, but the lesson was written: Detroit missed the chance to have the best from him for the playoffs. I think, that the actual situation is very good for Hossa and Blackhawks. He will be strong for the right time.
  2. NHL asks IIHF, KHL to negate Hudler's KHL Contract

    All right. Remember, how NHL stole the best players from our regional leagues. And they had their regional contracts inked!!! And now the NHL fights this stupid war for the power. Holland understand Hudler and they both are ready to solve it. I think, that Hudler will play in Motor City past next 2 years. To understand mentality of Czech or Russian man could be strange, but there is no way to think about us as slaves of the mighty NHL. No contract, free way. Friendly and open agreement like the agreement between Holland and Hudler is far more than stupid NHL Napoleon complex. Sorry for worse English friends.
  3. 2009 Stanley Cup Final Photoshop War: Pittsburgh Penguins

    This is my first post for Red Wings great tomorrow match: