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  1. Why I May Have It Worse Than Anyone Here

    As you can tell from my name I am a Wings fan in Pens country ( I live in OH 40 minutes from Mellon Arena). All my friends are Pens fans as well as everyone else here. But I make it well known that I HATE Pgh teams. My dad has HATED pgh sports since the sixties. ( I can't stress the HATE enough.) So it's how I was raised. Needless to say I didn't answer the phone or leave my house til just a few days ago. But in late August I will return to my teaching job at a high school full of 16-18 year old pens fans, who i trash talked endlessly all year. Then it will all come back to me and it will be June 13th all over least there are other ways by which I can make their lives miserable.
  2. This Season's Flyers

    They'll suck and not be allowed to touch *****-boy or *****-ass without being penalized. So that sucks just like them.
  3. What about Afinogenov?

    As a Sabres fan living near Pittsburgh I didn't get to see Max on a regular basis but in the playoffs: Great speed, OK handle, but no finish whatsoever. So frustrating to watch him fly around shakin and bakin but no goals! lol. Had a great playoff on my NHL09 season though. That said,I would love to see him come to Detroit and blow up.
  4. Holland confirms that Hudler will play in KHL

    Seems alot of good teams are getting better while the Wings are getting worse1
  5. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    I wish teams would just keep their "ugly" colors instead of changing them to navy or red. At least Brown and orange are rarley used and provide some originality. You can make the uni's more appealing but still use the colors. I have a brown and gold Padres cap and people always compliment it. I love that color scheme. Navy is so boring. Anyhow, the original Sabres logo, the second (white buffalo head) logo, ANYTHING but the buffaslug!
  6. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    ur Crazy. All I'm sayin is no logo is all that imaginative. The only thing that really makes a logo cool is the tradition behind it. What the hell else are they gonna put on there? A Buffalo and two freakin Sabres. How is the shoulder patch better? YOU couldn't come up with a B and a Sabre sword? I mean its not a Dali painting. Its not gonna be that imaginative. Teams should just stick to their logo let it become tradition. you wanna talk about cookie-cutter logos. everyone wants to go for this sharp-angled futuristc thing. Compare the Buffaslug, Patriots new logo, Carolina Panthers logo, Rams. That s*** is so yr. 2000. I'd rather be traditional the new wave. What is a cool and "imaginative" logo in your book?
  7. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    Just curious, what would a good and imaginative Buffalo Sabres logo be? BTW, if I lacked objectivity and blindly liked anything Buffalo then I would like the new Sabres logo too. I mean c'mon look at the original 6 logos. Whats so great about them (Bruins, Canadiens, Leafs, Rangers) Chicagos are cool but the rest are no more imaginative than any from the 70s. The only reason people like them is the tradition (ie They are old).
  8. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    Yeah. The New England Patriots: their nickname is patriots so their logo is a patriot: ZERO IMAGINATION. And the Stars. They picked a Star as their logo. How unimaginative. And those Eagles. Ha, Eagles wings on the helmet? WTF? Anyone coulda came up with that. The Kings with that crown. Yeah real original. My favorite: Bears, with a freakin bear as the mascot. Who couldn't have thought of that. And heres the best one of all. Red Wings. Gee. Der. We're Red Wings. So let's be Red... And have a wing on our Jersey.
  9. Worst NHL Team Names, Logos, or Colors?

    What the hell is with the Sabres? I've been a Sabres fan since the mid-90's. They replaced one the best logos in sports with one of the worst,everyone hates it, the fans have petitioned the org to get them to change it back and they won't. WTF. They said if it's a Gm7 SCF they'll wear the old logo. In other words never gonna happen. And whats up with teams changing their colors to navy blue (Rams, Canucks,Sabres, Padres)??? Pretty soon every team in sports is going to be navy blue. Way to be original.
  10. Mike Grier?

    They HAD to move the series up though. They'd have done it even if it meant Cindy would miss the first four games. Right? Mike Grier is not good enough, skill-wise, to play in Detroit. Same with Max Talbot. He just doesnt have the skill that it takes. I mean what is energy and heart, winning pucks in the corners, and grittiness gonna do? Won't win a game 7 I tell you that much.
  11. Chris Pronger traded to Philly

    I'm not ashamed to say that i hope Crosby gets his face bashed in by Pronger or anyone else. I hate the way that dude plays with his crying and whack cheapshots. And the way he's been babied. I think it hurts the game and if that makes me low class or whatever so be it.
  12. Chris Pronger traded to Philly

    I hate the freakin flyers. They try to come off as the broadstreet bullies but then they get owned by the Pens every year. i mean come on if you wanna be feared you gotta be able to beat your rivals SOMETIMES. It's good that Pronger is there to beat up on Cindy and ***** ass but you know as soon as he looks at either one he's goin to the box so it's not really gonna work out that way. Hopefully he will injure Cindy and end his season though. That's harsh but that dude has pulled so much ***** s*** it'll be justice. GO PRONGER! YOURE A TERRIBLE PERSON!
  13. Why are pens fans mad?

    Pens suck!
  14. 'Lack of Urgency' vs 'Couldn't Give Anymore'

    So do the Wings need to load up the 3 'n' 4 with some guys that can bang, or can they win another cup with this lineup, hoping to stay healthy all the way to the finals? i still say we need someone like Neil, Laps, Grier etc. What do you all think? IMHO we need to have somebody to stand up to the bullies (ie. Talbot). The fact that no one did him in after what he pulled was the real lack of effort.
  15. Favorite team or teams OTHER than the Wings

    I started out as a Blackhawks (Eddie the Eagle/Dominator) fan. When Hasek went to Buffalo i followed him. Then when he went to Detroit I was torn between the Sabres and the Wings so I follow both teams now. The fact that i was raised hating the Pens has reinforced my love for the Wings recently. I like watching Western Conf. games. Something about those OT playoff games that go late into the night. Always liked watching DAL,COL,VAN,SJ,ANA,MIN.