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  1. 2nd that my friend loves 55 even though he is not a hockey fan also ozzie showing what a playoff performer he is
  2. Better if it was 98-0 baby!
  3. More numb than sad lets go 2010 wings
  4. Pronger went where and when
  5. Definately the ducks
  6. Babcock will be back all next season how many regular season wins and 1 cup and a finals appearance does he need to be appreciated PLEASE no more chokers kenny
  7. Target on pitts back next year unless buttman has other ideas
  8. Crysby thanking talbot (my mvp scored important goals) lose hossa bring on griffins no need for 2 time losers that goes for you conklin aswell yet again no real offence to help ossie sounds like before the cap
  9. I may hate this but congrats pens you seemed to want it more except for last 10 mins
  11. f*** hossa KEEP hudler and sammy if possible TEAM CHEMISTRY over lacklustre superstar
  12. Buttman and Cherry will love this
  13. 1 more chance if not TALBOT conn smyth he won the CUP please not crysby or malkin
  14. So close damn crossbar
  15. 1 more then franzen in OT i have faith