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  1. Another opportunity for Leino!
  2. Can Kesler do this? Or this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_u46hb8-rI
  3. Has anyone considered what number he will take? I'm just looking at the Devils' roster and Ben Walter has #17 He'll probably take #71.
  4. Fleury dived in the air to save it, "if" Lidstrom shot low, it would of gone in.
  5. This guy absolutely pisses me off, the only thing he can do is interfere and cover the puck with his body, and still not get penalized. In the last ten seconds, he covers the puck, by looking at the rulebook, I am positive that it's a minor penalty. He's been doing it all series and has not been called for it. That minor may have gotten us that tying goal.