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  1. what a break
  2. no goal
  3. they brought it up really well knew something good was coming
  4. cory!!!! beautiful shot
  5. Steve Cangialosi? I don't know who they are.
  6. the NJ announcers LOVE the red wings. my favorite road announcers at this point, i think.
  7. smith starts the rest of the season...enough said
  8. i think i'm done going to see them on the island.... the "you can't beat us" chants have gotten to me
  9. Exact same situation. First game there since that horrible, horrible night.
  10. 2-0 NA thugs huh...that lasted 4mins
  11. YESS!!!!!
  12. I'm going to the game tonight. I sure hope so..I want a blowout
  13. screw it, id take leetch too..better than lebda
  14. probably because when you're great its hard to teach people who aren't. Gretzky could do things his players can't...gotta be frustrating